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  1. Fergies Formula George Owen
    Hi George,

    Any chance of an invite?
  2. tidraKS Damien
    Hi Damien,

    Is it possible to change my username to “tidraKS”.

    Thanks a lot mate.
    1. Damien
      Done :)
      Sep 19, 2018 at 18:00
  3. Mihajlovic
    Life is suffering.
  4. Fergies Formula iammemphis
    Hello mate, any chance you can let me know the details of this movie website? Sounds like I need to do some investigating of my own haha! Cheers
  5. sarakhaan
    Hello Friends i am new user here
  6. oLeSoLsKjAeR20 Jake
    They're in East stand, Tier 2. About halfway up, row 18. Wouldn't be able to post them until that Monday 24th Sept as a friend is using them for the Wolves game on the 22nd. Would that be any good?
    Or if not, you could meet him after that game for the tickets if it was handier. Totally up to yourself :)
  7. oLeSoLsKjAeR20 Jake
    I've never done it either! Yeah that's probably the best way. Send me your address and I'll get them sent over.
    They're £100 for the pair. And that will cover postage as well. Would you mind giving me your mobile number so we can get in touch if we need to?
    1. Jake
      Yeah that’s fine mate - post them to my work and me and the Mrs will be out all day and don’t want to miss them. What seats are they by the way?
      Sep 14, 2018
    2. Jake
      21 albion street
      M1 5da
      Sep 14, 2018
    3. Jake
      My mobile is 07803 275 505. I’m away all next week so best try to post it so it arrives some time w/c 24th if that’s okay?
      Sep 14, 2018
  8. oLeSoLsKjAeR20 Jake
    Hi pal. Sorry, I haven't had a chance to reply until now. Yeah that sounds good to me if you're still interested
    1. Jake
      Yeah I’ll have them mate - never bought tickets off here before - should I just give you my address and I’ll pay you when I receive the tickets?
      Sep 13, 2018
    2. Jake
      Also how much each?
      Sep 13, 2018
  9. GolazosRule
    I'm unhappy here and I want out!
  10. wormdoktor
    Lost on Ringworld
  11. oLeSoLsKjAeR20 Jake
    Hi mate. I have 2 available for Valencia on 2nd Oct if you're interested.
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    2. oLeSoLsKjAeR20
      Unfortunately it's a bit more complicated! I'm from Northern Ireland. So id be posting them over. And the next home game is Newcastle 4 days later so id need them posted back to me the very next day So that I had them in time for the people going to that game. Either that or you could meet them with the tickets somewhere in Manchester?!
      Sep 8, 2018
    3. Jake
      I can do either mate - I live in a flat in the city centre so I can either post them or I could meet them in Manchester or they could come near my flat to get them - whatever is easiest
      Sep 8, 2018
    4. Jake
      I’ll also pay for your postage etc
      Sep 8, 2018
  12. Nr.7 Sultan
    Can’t believe you rejected that post, but oh well.
    You saved the internet,changed the world. Well done. Your mother must be proud of your work.
    1. Sultan
      If you're not happy with the rules and systems on this forum, you are welcome to find alternative forums. The rules are in place for the betterment of the forum. Unfortunately, my parents are not around to be proud.
      Sep 4, 2018
    2. Nr.7
      Oh, in that case I do apologize for the mother remark.
      Sep 4, 2018
  13. redmarkus7 #6pogba
    Id have 3 Valencia Tickets if interested
  14. Major
    Hopes to be as reasonable as @duffer
  15. redmarkus7 TakeMeHome
    Hi mate, you still got that single for wolves?
    1. TakeMeHome
      gone mate
      Sep 6, 2018
  16. van der star Balerion
    Hey! Do you live in Kosice by any chance?
    1. Balerion
      nope, in Bratislava
      Aug 31, 2018
  17. Jeolous Ones Envy Niall
    Sir I was not being a wum with my comment, apologies it it seemed that way. Perhaps give me a warning next time instead of revoking my access. As you can see I'm a new poster and not aware of the criteria of what is considered being a WUM thanks
  18. red4ever 79 Andycoleno9
    Just come back from Croatia. First time visit. Lovely place!
    1. Andycoleno9
      :), yes it is. Our coast is something special
      Aug 28, 2018
  19. Hantwo
    By the time I was 10 I could speak proper
    1. Eboue
      Sep 21, 2018 at 20:03
  20. golden_blunder
    Manchester United fan
  21. rpitroda JJ12
    Any interest in McCoy?
    1. JJ12
      What would the cost be? Also not keen on my previous trade offer haha?
      Aug 27, 2018
    2. rpitroda
      Haha, no thanks!

      I don’t value him as an elite RB but he’s a 3 down workhorse for a team which will mostly move the ball on the ground. Can question his peak because you just don’t know how often the Bills will move it down the field for TDS but if they do McCoy will get a boatload of points, if they don’t he still has an incredibly high base IMO.
      Aug 27, 2018
    3. JJ12
      I’d be happy to trade for the right price send me a request and I’ll pick it up later mate!
      Aug 27, 2018
  22. klayton88 TakeMeHome
    Hi mate, long shot, but if that single Wolves turns in to a double i'll 100% take them off you. PM me if needed. Ta.
    1. TakeMeHome
      Hi mate, its only a single.
      Aug 28, 2018
  23. Kyriacandro
    I speak nothing but the truth
  24. redchamp Damien
    Hi Damien,

    Could you please change my name to redchamp if available (or something similar with numbering, underscores if necessary)? Just trying to unlink accounts with personal details across the web.

    PS many thanks for your great work on this site.
    1. redchamp
      Any update on this?
      Aug 21, 2018
    2. Damien
      Apologies I didn't get an alert. Changing now.
      Sep 21, 2018 at 20:05
  25. The neutral Sultan
    Rejected my post.???....why,.... have utd just been beat?? Ah yes..
    1. Sultan
      Maybe a crap post? Ah yes!!!
      Aug 19, 2018
  26. Draco1986
    Huge Man Utd fan and after many years I was able to get my season ticket for the 2018/19 season.
  27. RabbyD Niall
    Sometime you need dots unfortunately ps my bhoys name is niall too
  28. Foxbatt Damien
    why do it say that I do not have sufficient credit to post here on the player's performance thread? I always had it until yesterday.
    1. Damien
      They're closed during matches. Once the game is over you'll be able to post.
      Aug 19, 2018
  29. Rob67 Sultan
    Thanks for the likes mate. Much appreciated.
  30. Alexcharlz Niall
    Hey Niall !
    Wanted to ask, what if I own the site from which am posting a news, do I still have to follow to rule about writing just 2 lines sentences and then a link to the original site ?
  31. Jojo <3 Mou Penna
    Thanks for liking my post!
  32. Shamsu007 Penna
    Thanks for approving my post, its my first in the main forum.
  33. daniel bailey Sultan
    So your discriminating against people with learning difficulties because they can't spell not swearing or abuse but spelling
    1. Sultan
      You can obviously use the internet. An online spell checker is not too difficult to use.
      Aug 10, 2018
    2. daniel bailey
      You should never make a assumption I might find it very difficult you don't know
      Aug 10, 2018
  34. daniel bailey Sultan
    Spelling really this is a football forum not a English class get a grip will you
    1. Sultan
      If you're not happy with the rules this forum is not compatible for yourself. Them's the rules, mate.
      Aug 10, 2018
    2. daniel bailey
      I think you mean "them are the rules" you need a refresher on your rules pal
      Aug 10, 2018
  35. theriddler Denis' cuff
    You quoted my post saying 'post'. I don't follow ha :D
  36. atomic keane
    League 2018/19
  37. Barack O'Bama Sultan
    Seriously.... It’s all a bit too serious