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  1. Camy89
    My 'team rating' is directly proportionate to my inebriation level. >7.5 = >7.5 pints.
  2. Andrew Wolf JoaquinJoaquin
    Hi pal, Could you send me a link to your jersey provider? I'm in the newbie forum because I'm too big of a shithouse to post!. Cheers
  3. Cal? George Owen
    Could I have one of those torrentday invites?

  4. Michael John Doyle
    Lacazette or Abuameyang next please
  5. Nimjums JoaquinJoaquin
    Hi, any chance of the link to the footy kits? Thanks so much
  6. ryadmahrez JoaquinJoaquin
    Hey man, ive just seen you got a great deal on kits. Would love to have the link too. Appreciate the effort and thanks in advance.
  7. Don Juan Matus
    The Zinc Stoat of Budapest
  8. monio JoaquinJoaquin
    Same here mate... i would like a link too (shy)
  9. manujcrulz JoaquinJoaquin
    Hey there, would love to know where you get the cheap kits from! Could you please pm me? Thank you so much for helping everyone here :)
  10. Clique Interval
    Internal level.. Do you come online these days?
  11. Clique The Taurean
    I seem to remember you.. from my days as a whiny teen on the caf.
    1. The Taurean
      Yep...u dont seem active much.
      Jun 18, 2017 at 19:28
  12. Clique phelans shorts
    Well.. Hello, I guess.
  13. SATA JoaquinJoaquin
    Hi mate, link to your supplier please? Thank you very much!
  14. prodigal JoaquinJoaquin
    also need a link to the kits please!
  15. BenditlikeBecks JoaquinJoaquin
    Hello mate, still a newb like the others below but been following for forever, could you please pm me the link for the kits as well? Thank you! Cheers, AJ
  16. emdee04
    United through and through
  17. Chuckazulu
    This is our year!
  18. Mike Love
    Terrible poster. Nice guy though.
  19. Pog Paulba JoaquinJoaquin
    Hey mate, similar to SuperStan below, I'm in the newbs as well but would like to get the link to your shirt supplier as well. You should be getting commission mate :)
  20. superstan999 JoaquinJoaquin
    Hey I'm I'm the newbs but saw your post about the shirts, could I get the link to your supplier too please?
    1. The Stan
      Just saw your message, thanks so much for sending it through!!
      Jun 14, 2017
  21. zeekey Redo91
    You can basically iron the letters off.
  22. zeekey Classical Mechanic
    Btw, she was. I was just being perverted.
  23. MiceOnMeth pauldyson1uk
    Invite please :D
  24. DoubleRevv
    Does not rate de Gea.
  25. shahzadi
    Manchester United have reached the Promised Land...
  26. zeekey Fully Fledged
    Yeah huge relief
  27. zeekey spwd
    Thanks mate
  28. zeekey MadMike
    Thanks MM
  29. zeekey Sparky_Hughes
    Cheers mate
  30. King Andow
    Lingard out.
  31. Razwy
    An you can print that!
  32. festicules Adisa
    Hey, Adisa, need your help posting a gif on the mains if you can. Thank you.
    1. Adisa
      That's fine.
      Jun 1, 2017
    2. festicules
      Don't think it matters anymore. The Griezmann thread is locked. Cheers pal.
      Jun 1, 2017
  33. ClutchHunter SteveJ
    Oh golly, I'm being stalked.
  34. Patrick Hodgson
    Valencia for captain!
  35. Jacob Damien
    1. Damien
      May 29, 2017
  36. Sweet Square SteveJ
    Cheers Steve.
  37. Alex99 Eboue
    Hey mate. Do you mind terribly if I start another FM Experiment, except with managers, while you're doing your player one? I was thinking about doing one right when you started yours, so this way ours wouldn't really "overlap". I'm not 100% sure if I'll do one, but I'm considering it.