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  1. Michael John Doyle
    Lukaku Golden Boot 17/18
  2. Williameasu
  3. yfoFC emdee04
    Hi there, I'm from Edo and reside in Lagos... How bout you?
    1. emdee04
      From Osun and reside in Abuja boss
      Sep 26, 2017 at 16:52
  4. emdee04 Sultan
    You gave me my first like, I will never forget. Thanks man
  5. Park Life
    Cautiously Optomistic
  6. Katalinski
    Waiting for my coffee table
  7. Home&Away
    Is my support for United & not a TV show.
  8. OGkush
    kej to je cjsta?
  9. Eckers99 Jippy
    Hello mate. If you're after a stream try reddit soccer streams. Just click on our game, open one of the links and you're away. That's if finding a stream is the problem obviously.
  10. Aniefiok
    Smoking weed with Bailey.
  11. Macern RedSky
    Any updates on that online football manager game you're making?
  12. Scott Montgomery
    Man.u till I die
  13. LoneStar
    feck off or I'll punch you in the throat -Mahatma Gandhi
  14. Ian Reus
    My mate Dave is a pair of brown trousers who lives under my bed and only comes out every 2 nights.
  15. FultonRed
    Starin' oot the windae like a philosophiser
  16. chb23 klayton88
    heya, any chance you can send me the link for the jerseys? :)
  17. mark terry
    One love mufc
  18. Bruno Marques
    Once called a "benfiquista". Saddest day of my life
  19. babyelephant
    eat⚽️, drink⚽️, sleep⚽️
  20. nikineil
    Another brick in the wall
  21. neil316 brewlio
    hiya I posted a link to a blog I have written on a thread on the newbies forum and this was deleted. I didn't know that it wasn't allowed. Can I ask why?
  22. ypsipeos vadimivich
    Hi there!
    There's a Serbian football manager and former footballer called Vladimir Ivic. Are you a fan of him?
  23. The Cat
    Scouting for Newbie Draft
  24. Møllemanden IhabX7
    Hi Ihabx7.

    Don't know if you remember me from the good ol' footyforums/past90 forums.

    I've been looking for an old van Nistelrooy compilation. I dont remember if you made it, but it featured the Saltwater - Chicane song.

    Did you make it, or should I try to contact someone else?

    Kind regards,

    1. IhabX7
      Of course mate, how have you been?
      It was someone else's. I do remember it though.
      Sep 4, 2017
  25. Offside LennonNL
  26. garry141 JoaquinJoaquin
    Hi mate could you send me the link for the shirts too?
  27. TakeMeHome Sandikan
    thanks mate!
  28. TakeMeHome Sandikan
    hope you're well mate :)
    How long does it take you to get to the stadium when you park at Altrincham?
    Also how quick is it to get on the M6 southbound after a game?
    1. Sandikan
      Tram tends to be 15mins, and then about a 10min leisurely stroll in.
      Tend to get back to Alty 30mins or so after the final whistle, if you get to the exit with about 30secs to go, and quick march it all the way back.
      Aug 29, 2017
    2. Sandikan
      You get a couple of miles free driving, then can hit a little traffic on some of the lead up to the M6, and the first junction can be a bit slow, but that's to be expected. Think there's some irritating roadworks for the first 15miles or so on there too!

      But at least you get right away from the major congestion!
      Aug 29, 2017
  29. TakeMeHome oldhand
    Hi Mate

    I have a question regarding the parking at the lowry on match days...
    Is it the actual shopping centre car park? also do I have to purchase something to park there?
    1. oldhand
      sorry for delay, yes and no
      no need to purchase although i normally have a drink in lime bar, you can either exit to end of m602 or go to next junction , both are pretty quick
      Aug 29, 2017
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    2. coventry red
      it is
      Aug 29, 2017
    3. coventry red
      club van just picked him up
      Aug 29, 2017
    4. coventry red
      i'm not from coventry and I'm LFC red lol
      Aug 29, 2017
  30. firstunited daveoliver91
    Hi, I might have 2 Saisontickets available for the game against Everton. Where do you live? I would have to send them to you as collecting at the venue is not possible.
    regards, Thomas
  31. firstunited madRedDevil07
    Hi I might have 2 saison tickets available for the game against Everton. I live in Switzerland. Where do you live? regards, Thomas
    1. madRedDevil07
      Hi ..I live in UK..near London..
      Will you be able to send them to my address ?
      Aug 29, 2017
  32. Macern ThomasEmil
    I like that nude photo on your website
  33. Mrob777
    Football is all I need!
  34. yfoFC
    Man u for quadruple 2017/18 with Zlatan pushing us in the second part of the season... A man can dream right?
  35. mayurr
    Give me another like
  36. Newman123
    Now a City fan
  37. The holy trinity 68
    Charlton, Edwards, Law & Georgie Best