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    1. Sanche7
      You have a good day and sorry for wasting your time
      Plus all. The best for the world cup
    2. Sanche7
      And one final thing, I had 8 likes when I had 120 posts or a like every 15 posts.
      I need two likes to get the "full member" tag
      If you somehow feel those two likes make me special, I'll try to get those as soon as possible so that my opinions will be valued equally
    3. Sanche7
      Even you were wrong, you kept insisting he had 10 goals in 9 or something and whenever I tried to point out that you were wrong, you didn't even care to check if you were wrong, but just kept calling me an idiot and asking for my demotion.
    4. Sanche7
      And hey, if what I said didn't satisfy you, I hereby beg your forgiveness for stating that Muller is having a bad season. And I stand by everything else I said including the fact that I feel German front line is lacking in depth and maybe in experience. I guess we will find out when the world cup starts.
    5. Sanche7
      And that was not a threat, you made me feel bad for getting a simple fact wrong calling me all kind of names, you wouldn't stop mentioning me in your posts, you asked for all newbies to be demoted and you made me stop posting all together in that thread. Or you bullied me
    6. Sanche7
      And yeah for a poster who has thousands of messages to his name and who is ( I think) much older than me, you come across as someone hot tampered calling me idiot, a fool, bullshiter, talking out of my Arse and fecking thick, for what? For being wrong about the fact that Muller has recently achieved top form?
      You think that is the example you want to set for 'newbies'?
    7. Sanche7
      If you had read my last post on that thread I said I was sorry for my ignorance and for derailing the thread.
      And I don't think I've killed anyone or called anyone names to beg for an apology.
      1. fcbforever
        If that was honest, fair play. But after what you posted prior to that, it felt like a bad attempt at sarcasm.
        Mar 31, 2018
    8. Sanche7
      Mate I have no idea where you are getting this 9 goals from 10 matches from.üller

      According to that, he has 5 goals in the last 10 /12 matches
      If you can please show me where you are getting this 9 from 10,ill stop talking and admit I'm wrong
      Just check that link and please behave or I'll have to report you
      1. fcbforever
        True, 9 scorers, not nine goals. Doesn’t change the fact he’s been brilliant since Heynckes returned and that anybody saying he’s in bad form is an idiot repeating what he read a year ago.

        Also, nice threat. You will go far here. Maybe if you admitted you had absolutely no idea about the state of Müller or German football in general, it wouldn’t have come this far.
        Mar 31, 2018
      2. fcbforever
        While we speak, he went up to 12 scorers in 10 matches!
        Mar 31, 2018
    9. Sanche7
      Even Anthony martial who everyone is saying is having an OK to poor season has 9 goals and 5 assists
      In the whole of 2018,muller has 4 goals in bundesliga
      To compare in 15/16 he had 32 goals and 12 assists
      How is Muller in top form?
      1. fcbforever
        He has 9 goals over the whole season, not just 2018. What the feck are you even talking about? Müller 4 goals? If we are comparing him to Martials total, it’s 6 not four. If we just look at 2018, it’s Müller 4, Martial 3 (with Martial having more games due to the Bundesligas winter break). Do you deliberately want to look like a fool?
        Mar 31, 2018
    10. Sanche7
      And if he did score 9 goals in the last 10 matches, he only scored 1 goal in the remainder of the season?
      And yeah I just checked transfermarket,
      23 apps, 6 goals, 10 assists
      You can check if you want
      Maybe you are the one who is bullshitting
      1. fcbforever
        There’s something like national games as well. You know. Whatever, nobody said he didn’t trt badly under Ancelotti. Everyone is admitting that, why are you so fecking thick? Just admit you talked out of your arse and be done with it instead of trying to defend the indefensible.
        Mar 31, 2018
    11. Sanche7
      Dude why don't you go check
      And what the hell do you think I stand to gain by bullshitting?
      If scoring 9 goals and 10 assists is great form, then yeah, I stand corrected
      1. fcbforever
        9 goals in 10 matches isn’t? Maybe actually check the season matrix. God I wish we had the old newbie mode back.
        Mar 31, 2018
    12. Sanche7
      Tournament Apps Mins Goals Assists
      UCL 4(2) 374 3 2
      Bundesliga 18(5) 1636 6 8
      Stats from
      1. fcbforever
        Assists are wrong. Also, hows that bad form? And if you look at the actual stats instead of this broad overview, how’s 9 goals in the last 10 matches bad form? That’s exceptional even for him, but because you don’t have a clue, somehow think he is Lewa-like scorer, which was never his strength.
        Mar 31, 2018
      2. fcbforever
        You’ve bullshitted and you continue to do so.
        Mar 31, 2018
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