Jun 13, 1999
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All Powerful Super Being

    1. Woojin Jung
      Hi Niall, how can I change my nickname?
    2. Warwick
      Hey Niall. How can i get rid of 'New Member' under my name and put something else?
    3. Alaba27
      Hi, I messed up with my nick. I thought the name I had to enter in the registration formula was my real name and that I had to select my forum nick later. Now I have my real name as nick. Is there a possibility to change that?
    4. Abuta
      Hello Niall, I'm a Manchester supporter from Portugal! =)
      I would like to know if there's a possability that you Sir could afford me to Manhester Transfer Forum topics to post, i decide to sign in in this forum because the news of Manchester in João Mário and Renato Sanches, i have big issues and information from something that is happening in Portugal that you guys need to know!
    5. Fiza Golden
      I want to let you know that one of your admins by the name of Solius has been causing trouble for myself & other folks. Solius was extremely rude & condescending in some of his replies to me & he deleted my posts, despite all my posts followed the guideline of Solius is a bully to myself & others & he's using his power as an admin to bully & harass. I sincerely hope something can be done about Solius.
    6. mast2014
      I have followed and translated so many time stuff about him online for others that i think i can add with my swiftness something to this forum already. Thusfar all
      my info is lost in the newbie forums where noone of the regular Manchester UTD looks at.

      If for some reason i don't get soon any reply again back i will kindly ask to close my account

      greets. Mast
    7. mast2014
      Hi there. This is my 3rd attempt to get some help but it seems noone takes the time or effort to reply. so this will be my final try.

      I asked if there as possibility as a new member to get full membership quicker then the 10 likes you need to get that because i am
      a dutchman and followed Van Gaal since the early 90's as a Ajaxfan and editor at Ajaxnews myself.

      page 2
    8. Silverman
      Hi, I was wondering if I could delete my account? Thanks
    9. What's the Mata?
      Hi, Look at your PM!!
    10. Temporary
      Hi, do you have a skype to contact you?

    11. A Jelly Doughnut
      Niall, can you contact me via PM please.
    12. Alwyn
      Can I receive a reward for being better than Elvis?
    13. esmufc07
      Niall as first poster on your profile page, I think I should be rewarded with something.

      Perhaps the ability to infract Hectic for a day??
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