Jun 13, 1999
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    1. Whiteside '85
      Yeah I will Niall I assumed you read that Trump/Glazers connection was mentioned ... will quote in future cheers
    2. Ole’s Wheel
      Hi, I noticed you approved of my posts. How can I get rep points and get promoted?
    3. since 1977
      Off topic but a reasonable question to ask Niall? I dont mean anything by it just highlighting that we let some numpties in and dedicated die-hards are kept out.
    4. JamesCurran
      I’ve posted in the thread before
    5. The_Bloods
      Ref: De Gea... no, it's not a wind-up. I have always been a little wary of his god-like status. We are all blinded by his shot-stopping, but he's always been suspect in the air and has never really commanded the area or his defence. Goalkeeping isn't just about shot stopping. And yes, I am a United fan. *sigh*
    6. DullardAndy
      Thank you for the edit and approving the post.
    7. Red Devil Life
      I can't post. even on the newbie area
      1. Niall
        Your permissions look correct. Try again?
        Feb 6, 2019
    8. LingardsBoots
      hi, ive changed the post to a block of sentences so those who cant read can now read if that makes sense
    9. 2OLEgend_2019
      Hi I'm bit confused by the last feedback. I didn't think my post was overly long and consisted of 2 lines together followed by 2 others with a line break in between them.
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      2. 2OLEgend_2019
        I'm sorry but you've lost me. When I said line break I meant a full empty line. I don't see any difference to what other posters are doing in general. Are you saying you consider my second sentence to be a separate point and that the post should have had 4 separate lines with a full empty line between?
        Jan 14, 2019
      3. Niall
        I added that extra empty line at the end, it was one block of text before that. If paragraphs are becoming overly long it’s worth considering breaking them into smaller paragraphs so they’re easier to read.
        Jan 14, 2019
      4. 2OLEgend_2019
        Ok thanks I wasn't aware you had edited it.

        That clears things up.

        Jan 14, 2019
    10. Galaad Joachim
      No problems, sorry. I'm just so damn happy !

      Have a nice day !
    11. David Haberger
      How is the Postmatch thread the wrong one to Post my opinion on the match?
      1. Niall
        Not sure what happened, it appeared as the first post in the post match thread when it shouldn't have, looked like a bug. Please post it again.
        Dec 5, 2018
    12. Makalakalele
      Hi Niall, I am unable to edit my posts to fix typos for some reason, I only have the option to “Quote” or “Reply”
    13. Jacko78
      Hi mate why can't I post in the ticket thread? It says I need 1 like or something? I've posted in that thread countless times before never an issue. Seems a bit silly you need a like when just asking for a spare? It's not like I'm contributing to a thread where I can talk nonsense.
    14. Jeolous Ones Envy
      Sir I was not being a wum with my comment, apologies it it seemed that way. Perhaps give me a warning next time instead of revoking my access. As you can see I'm a new poster and not aware of the criteria of what is considered being a WUM thanks
    15. RabbyD
      Sometime you need dots unfortunately ps my bhoys name is niall too
    16. Alexcharlz
      Hey Niall !
      Wanted to ask, what if I own the site from which am posting a news, do I still have to follow to rule about writing just 2 lines sentences and then a link to the original site ?
    17. Barack O'Bama
      You all take this s but serious no?
    18. iphone5
      Apologies Niall..
    19. RedPamie
      Hi, about my post in Casey Stoney thread... noted boss. Thanks. I just did copy paste thing and should've noticed it's too big. Take care Niall.
    20. Kemizee
      Hello Niall, I cannot start a thread at the moment because am relatively new here.

      Can you please help me put up a thread for discussion about Roberto Carlos/Marcelo vs Cafu/Dani Alves. Which of these fullbacks were better and in what aspects, who achieved more and what were their strengths and weaknesses?

      I would just like to see opinions on all four because they really stand out to me. Thank you for this.
    21. Garry suddaby
      Been going to join for ages pleased I have now
    22. TRossManUtd8
      Appreciate the heads up on my last post in regards to paragraphs. No more GGMU... heard and thank you. Respect
    23. Kemizee
      Thanks Niall for the correction. English is not my first language but I learn everyday. Am grateful.
    24. roodey
      I've changed my spelling errors! Thank you for telling me!
    25. #6pogba
      Cheers for the tip. Will do it in future
    26. Newstar
      Any chance of giving me more posts for the day to respond to people?! ha
    27. Woojin Jung
      Hi Niall, how can I change my nickname?
    28. Warwick
      Hey Niall. How can i get rid of 'New Member' under my name and put something else?
    29. Alaba27
      Hi, I messed up with my nick. I thought the name I had to enter in the registration formula was my real name and that I had to select my forum nick later. Now I have my real name as nick. Is there a possibility to change that?
    30. Abuta
      Hello Niall, I'm a Manchester supporter from Portugal! =)
      I would like to know if there's a possability that you Sir could afford me to Manhester Transfer Forum topics to post, i decide to sign in in this forum because the news of Manchester in João Mário and Renato Sanches, i have big issues and information from something that is happening in Portugal that you guys need to know!
    31. Fiza Golden
      I want to let you know that one of your admins by the name of Solius has been causing trouble for myself & other folks. Solius was extremely rude & condescending in some of his replies to me & he deleted my posts, despite all my posts followed the guideline of Solius is a bully to myself & others & he's using his power as an admin to bully & harass. I sincerely hope something can be done about Solius.
      1. Apr 3, 2018
    32. mast2014
      I have followed and translated so many time stuff about him online for others that i think i can add with my swiftness something to this forum already. Thusfar all
      my info is lost in the newbie forums where noone of the regular Manchester UTD looks at.

      If for some reason i don't get soon any reply again back i will kindly ask to close my account

      greets. Mast
    33. mast2014
      Hi there. This is my 3rd attempt to get some help but it seems noone takes the time or effort to reply. so this will be my final try.

      I asked if there as possibility as a new member to get full membership quicker then the 10 likes you need to get that because i am
      a dutchman and followed Van Gaal since the early 90's as a Ajaxfan and editor at Ajaxnews myself.

      page 2
    34. Silverman
      Hi, I was wondering if I could delete my account? Thanks
    35. What's the Mata?
      Hi, Look at your PM!!
    36. Temporary
      Hi, do you have a skype to contact you?

    37. A Jelly Doughnut
      Niall, can you contact me via PM please.
    38. Alwyn
      Can I receive a reward for being better than Elvis?
    39. esmufc07
      Niall as first poster on your profile page, I think I should be rewarded with something.

      Perhaps the ability to infract Hectic for a day??
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