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May 1, 2012
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Ubi caritas et amor, Deus ibi est.
Retired, thank god ....


Kind Moderator (with a bit of a mean streak), Female, from Ubi caritas et amor, Deus ibi est.

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Oct 17, 2018 at 21:33
    1. Jojo <3 Mou
      Thanks for liking my post!
    2. Shamsu007
      Thanks for approving my post, its my first in the main forum.
    3. JamesCurran

      I posted in the Ticket forum the other day and Niall approved the post. All I am doing is replying to the person who wrote to me. Seems a bit silly when I get a reply from someone and can't reply to them.

    4. RedPamie
      Hello, I'm new and although I was actually a lurker for a few years, that doesn't make me familiar with the system here. I'm still learning here.

      That's why I only posted this now :)

      Thanks for my first like. Really appreciate it. And I'm looking forward to get involved more here in forum.
      1. Penna
        That's great, hope you enjoy the forum. :)
        Jun 29, 2018
    5. Lukaku's first touch
      There was a poster earlier in that thread with this name but without spaces
    6. ajf75
      Exactly my point - you decide that, not me :/
      1. Penna
        Sorry, but those are the rules. You can make unmoderated posts in the newbie forum, of course.
        Jun 3, 2018
    7. ajf75
      “Try harder”?!!?
      This isn’t an exam. I just say what I think!
      1. Penna
        You can say what you like, but if it adds nothing it won't be approved on the mains.
        Jun 3, 2018
      2. Muffled funk
        have you tried becoming a different person
        Jun 4, 2018
    8. GeorgieBoy
      Thank you very much for my 10th like, Penna!
      1. Penna
        Welcome up!
        Mar 26, 2018
    9. Dosse
      Oh my.. that wasnt the point with the post. Im sorry you dont see it.
    10. Rafaeldagold
      Thanks for the correction- I was writing the post quickly on way to work on my phone..! Thanks though! :)
    11. ISS 98
      Thank you for liking my post and helping me on my way to full member status :)
    12. El Pasillo
      Thanks for the like Penna :-)
    13. Kemizee
      I appreciate the like Penna.It is my first here.Thank you.
    14. Bestielob
      Thanks for the like Penna :-)
    15. Hemant
      Hello when will i get to post more than 3 messages :)
    16. unitedirish1985
      Can you send me the post needing correcting as it has been deleted
    17. Jojo <3 Mou
      Thanks for the like!
    18. deafepl
      Thanks so much for my first like.
    19. Pearson
      thanks for the like.
    20. Andycoleno9
      Thank you very much for my first like.
    21. LisburnWhite
      Thanks for the like.
      Makes up for the watching the match on Saturday, almost :)
    22. Nealb

      Blackburn Rovers fan here. As you may or may not know we have a planned protest against our owners tomorrow. We have put a bit of a statement together about it and wondered if you might be able to share on your match thread?


    23. GrandJury
      Thank you for the like before the game, I'm glad you liked my pre match analysis (even though it wasn't the most accurate!)
    24. Ramicoo
      Thanks for liking my thread :)
    25. Ian Reus
      Could you possibly point me in the direction of the movie review thread on the newbies board please? I'm willing to work for it.
    26. prtk0811
      can i have an input over how to post video's along with comments in newbie forum.
    27. lawliet354
      Thank you for the like, really appreciated it :D
    28. Rameses
      Thanks !
    29. scholesisking22
      Just a message to say thanks very much for the like Penna. As you'll have probably seen, I've just started to post regularly so I appreciate you looking out on the Newbies forum now that I've read up about the system.
    30. korenmanutd
      Thank you for the like! much appreciated :)
    31. el diablorojo
      appreciate the like fella!
    32. mat85
      Ta Penna
    33. redwar
      It 's called orthostatic hypotension. If you haven't stopped them, it could be caused by the drugs. For many people it 's natural. Me for example. When I 'm sitting for more than 20 minutes and stand up quickly, I almost get blind because of low blood pressure. Your last solutin should be salt. Try to hydrate yourself as much as you can during the day.
      1. Penna
        Thanks, I think I am a little dehydrated, actually. We've been in Italy and it's been hot recently.
        May 31, 2016
      2. redwar
        How are you? Is your BP stable now?
        Jun 12, 2016
      3. Penna
        It's a bit higher now, thanks!
        Jun 12, 2016
    34. Vault Dweller
      Thanks for the like! Nice to know at least one person didn't think I was aimlessly rambling haha cheers :)
    35. TehRed
      Cheers for the likes! Just seen you've given me a few. Nice to know my posts are appreciated :)
    36. Larseno
      Thanks for the like. I appreciate you and others who reads on newbie forum:)
    37. Steven7290
      Are you the charity likes giver?????
      1. Penna
        No dear, and we don't actually want people to thank us for likes! :)
        Mar 16, 2016
    38. kenny19
      Thank you. Very appreciated.
    39. MichaelRed
      I would just like to say thank you for your like on my post :)
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    Retired, thank god ....