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    Nov 26, 2012
    We've all heard the cries of '5 time, la' from Liverpool fans as a reason they remain a more significant club than ours. I'd love to know, hopefully with some first hand experience, how different would things stand if that tragic accident at Munich had never happened. I'd love to hear some opposition thoughts on this too, again the more first hand the better.

    Under SAF we set out to 'knock Liverpool off of their perch' but would it have been needed if things had gone differently. I know this is a pure speculation thread that depends on hearsay but i'm interested to hear the views of various people on what that team could have achieved.

    I've heard talks of the failure of SAF in Europe overall but what of the team that never got to stake their claim and where could they have ended up in terms of all time great sides?

    Videos that are available would be most welcome.
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