Craziest football match you've attended

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    Jul 18, 2013
    I know there are some guys on the Caf who were going to games in the seventies, eighties... I'd love to here some crazy stories about those days, or more recent stories.

    I once attended Independiente - Boca Juniors in Argentina while on holiday. Me, my girlfriend and 3 other friends had tickets in the away stand, with the Boca fans. Everything was pretty ok before the game. We went to a bar with some other fans, all very friendly. Once in the stadium, the atmosphere changed completely. After about 15 minutes, people in the away stand started throwing bags with a liquid in it, to neighboring stands. We had no idea what it was until we starting noticing a very distinctive smell. Those crazy feckers were throwing bleach on the Independiente fans! We saw guys running away trying to cover their eyes, black sweaters turned white...

    After the match things really got out of hand. As we were trying to exit the stadium, some guys started shouting we should run, as we weren't safe there as (obvious) foreigners. The Independiente stadium was still being renovated at that time. While going to the exit, fans of Independiente came around the corner and started throwing bricks to everyone exiting the away stand. The Boca fans charged at them, while we were actually helped by some fans to leave and get on a bus.

    The day after I read in the newspaper that 8 people were shot.

    Still not sure what to think of that day, at least one I'll never forget.
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    Probably quite tame all things considered, but that FA Cup game at Anfield where Smith broke his leg. We were getting all sorts of shit (literally) thrown on us that day...
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    Galatasary vs Besiktas
    Honorable mention to Lens v Lille