Have all our players performed better individually away from United?

Discussion in 'Manchester United Forum' started by ZIDANE, Jul 11, 2018.

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    this is why you get that tagline. couldn't help but find a way to praise saint Pep:)

    Although I kind of agree and said this in my watsapp group that City do not have 11 world class players, nor do they have top 5 in each position, far from it. Sane did not even make his squad (due to performance). Many would be nothing special in other teams. The issue is that Pep has as much money as he needs to buy the players he needs (even if they are not great), and thus has unfair advantage.
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    Maybe. Although I think a lot of that is down to playing as part of a great team, which lifts the performance of every individual. It’s just difficult to unpick how much is down to that great team being down to a great manager and how much down to having XI great individuals on the pitch.

    Anyway, I’m being devil’s advocate here because I’m well aware that City have a better manager than we do. I just get bored of people using any excuse to point this out.
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    Most of them yes and you can tell they are playing with more freedom for whatever reason.

    Our system/tactics definitely dont get the most out of our players and it has never looked like it did.
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    Theres also the fact that everything is more important for United so when that particular focus is off it seems like the players are playing better even if they are not.
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    This! Nothing more needed to add
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    Seconded. They're probably dreading coming back to the José shackles, I know I'm dreading watching it for another season (or however long he lasts!)
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    Jan 4, 2017
    Pretty much everyone but De Gea
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    I think what it shows generally is that Guardiola & Klopps players perform better for their clubs than Mourinho's, who play better elsewhere. Says it all really, though I must admit Lindgard & Rashford do not fall in that category.
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    It may be an unpopular opinion but on the whole no I don't think they have.
    Pogba probably has, because he sacrifices more for his country, but that's not to say he doesn't do well for us.
    Other than that who has performed massively better?
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    cyril C Full Member

    Nov 26, 2017

    • Paul Pogba - The complete midfielder, every match.
    - it really depends on whether Pogba shows up or not, as evidence during the season.
    • Ashley Young - Solid and what a corner kick to slab head. When will he stop.
    - The same Young, consistent performance all the time.
    • Jesse Lingard - Good season at United but feel he's been more consistent with England (or lack of rotation).
    - The same Lingard. Good game against weaker teams and disappear against good opponents.
    • Marcos Rojo - Mixed but came back into the team and body swapped into Higuain for a moment, what a goal.
    - Lack of playing time at Utd last season but obviously need time to recover from major injury. So probably benefit from Utd warming up for the tournament.
    • Victor Lindelof - Performed well albeit in a really defensive team. No mistakes.
    - Lindelof is comfortabel with nation squad and yet to adapt to EPL, nothing new.
    • Romelu Lukaku - Running the channels and through a whole defence at one point, another one of Rio's nightmare to play against.
    - I see the same Lukaku really.
    • Marouane Fellaini - The enigma that keeps popping up and gets remembered for 1 headed goal (against Japan) and some solid 'get your elbows out and get stuck in' action in midfield. Most pundits agree he's played well and ended up a first team starter in a very good team.
    - I also see the same Fellaini, both LVG and Mourinho have been using Fellaini in same manner.
    • Nemanja Matic - Nemanja Matic.
    • David de Gea - Made one mistake after he fell asleep watching Spain play football. It's okay, I've done it myself.
    • Phil Jones & Marcus Rashford - Haven't played but it's coming home.
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    I thought Lingaard had a good World Cup. Yes he missed a couple of chances for England but generally had a good game even today. Yes Jose is part of the problem and I do not think he is going to change his ways now. We can only hope that he wins a major trophy and more importantly leaves a good team behind when he leaves.
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    Have to agree with the ones arguing that the United players are not playing better in the World cup. To me, the OP and likeminded just adds to my idea of some fans having what you can call a 'José sceptic filter' when watching United at OT. Feel like some supporters just cannot tell when Paul, Jesse or Rom are having a good game at OT, but when they play for the national side, then it's way different..

    Think you are wrong there. Lingard has stated that José has been a massive contributive factor into his development this season.
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    Lingard: yes but still needs to lift his game a level or two. Needs to come down to earth a bit. Thinks he's better than he is!

    Young: neither better nor worse.

    Rashford: looking at the minutes he's played, I've not seen any improvement in the WC which is disappointing.

    Pogba: definately an improvement on his club form. He's a class player so there's only one direction that could go.

    Lukaku: neither better nor worse. Still not the player I thought he was when we bought him.

    Lindelöf: better for his country. Although long way to go before he's good enough to cement a place in our back 4.

    DDG: didn't do himself justice.

    So for me Pogba is the only one of note. Heard Barca are interested in him now. Probably just paper talk!
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    Jul 6, 2016
    I think Pogba and Lindelof are the two stand out players from the WC that belong to Utd. They have played much better than they have for Utd on the whole. The others have played to the same standards and the surprise, De Gea, has played a lot worse.
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    MyOnlySolskjaer Creator of Player Performance threads

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    Only Lukaku but that's because he had better service. The rest were more or less the same level.
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    Pogba and Lukaku have shown what they are capable of in better teams. But it's no surprise. Players always perform worse when they join us. We only get the best out of players like Fellaini and Lingard, which is probably why we're such a poor attacking team.