How Important are our next homegrown class?

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  1. Apr 17, 2019

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    May 21, 2018
    I keep thinking about this. Whether Ole is the right man for us or not long term - the most important thing he has to do is bring our next batch of youngsters to the forefront to be ready for next season.

    We don't just have a problem with our first team - this will need some proper transfers to improve it - however we have a problem with out whole squad of 25-30 players.

    There's potential CB that is already better than the dross like Rojo or Bailly. There are already fullbacks that are better than young and can provide competition for Shaw. We already have youngsters who are so called the next Carrick's whilst we have none in our First team. We have forwards that are clinical with their left foot whilst seemingly having a good acute technical ability. We have AM and RW in our reserves that are better than anybody in our First team because we actually have none.

    In my opinion this pre season and next season is the most important - we need our next class to be part of our squad to remove the deadwood whilst giving them the chance to compete for the first team spot.

    I do not want to think that the Class of 92 was a one off - that class was our foundation of winning 2 CL titles nearly a decade apart from each other & I don't see why that should be any different now.

    We largely undervalue our youth system whilst teams at the top like Barcelona and Madrid of the pasts seasons keep doing so and finding players that were previously in their reserves. The same goes for many other clubs than us. We had Pogba in our youth team who is a 90 mil player & to think we don't have anymore of atleast some quality is delusional.

    This is why Ole is important for atleast one season - because the squad needs to be built around of youth team.