Ligue 1 2019/20

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    PSG are heavy favourites to win a 3rd title in a row. Tuchel will be under pressure to do better in the national cups and in Europe. Will it be their year in the CL?

    Can Lille confirm their solid 18/19 season? It could be complicated with some of their best players set to leave and the added burden of European games. They'll have to rely on the expertise of Luis Campos on the transfer market to build the squad they need.

    Lyon are the same as ever, consistently strong but replacing 2/3 of their starters every year may prevent them from reaching the very top.

    I expect Monaco to comeback strong. The paradox of having a very poor season is that they will be able to work more quietly without interference from richer clubs poaching their best players. Without Europe L1 will take full focus and the players have a point to prove.

    Marseille is a good case study for FFP. They bought a few experienced players and a couple prospects for values between €10m and €30m after the previous owner sold every valuable asset in a firesale, found themselves in the red and are now crippled by FFP sanctions. Even selling a couple players they still look potentially good enough for a top 5 but the threat of a vicious circle is real.

    Who else can challenge for the top spots: St-Etienne, Bordeaux, Nice, Rennes?

    Metz and Brest are the promoted teams who replace Caen and Guingamp.

    The 19/20 season opens on Saturday 10 August 2019.