Manchester City: Host Organism to Nasty Virus?

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    Don’t know if there is a thread on this topic already. If so please merge, mods. While, from time to time, you hear bits and pieces about City ownership and Abu Dhabi, human rights etc., this article lays it out starkly. Don’t know a lot about the author, but is he wrong in describing City as a host to a nasty virus that - along with its chief competitors in Quatar - are well advanced in an effort to spread its influence across the elite tiers of European football? I have not succeeded - admittedly in a brief Google search - in finding a convincing rebuttal. If true, this background gives another level of meaning to Wenger’s comments about United earnings coming from football. The choice facing the likes of Sanchez, whether he knew it, or gave a damn about such concerns, was not so much ‘Pep or Money’, but ‘Viral plaything’ or ‘Football Club’. Nice to see how local councils and the UK media have distinguished themselves with principled stands against unsavory aspects and murky dealings. Not. This story, again, if reliable, is actually quite disturbing and by comparison makes other wealthy club owners, such as the Glazers, look like Robin Hood.
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