PL: Have the big games in the league been any good quality wise?

Discussion in 'Football Forum' started by Fortitude, Feb 4, 2018.

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    Can they be used as a barometer for how the PL teams will do in the CL?

    Every single time there's a last minute incident, Sky can't help trump the line about the amazing, exciting Premier League, but what they never talk about is how the games are full of mistakes, misplaced passes and a general chaos that will, I believe, be severely punished by the big teams on the continent.

    On another note, what would you say have been the best 3 or 5 top 6 clashes this season, as in, the games where the football was superior to the 'excitement' or worth of the 3pts?

    Am I being overly harsh on the PL, or are top of the table clashes of the same kind of standard across Europe?
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    You should have seen El Classico in December.
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    That's what british football has always been about

    As for quality of performance in big games, city @ chelsea, city vs spurs, and juventus @ Napoli were probably the best performances in big games i've seen this season(napoli-juventus was terribly boring btw). Top table clashes are almost always about who makes the fewest mistakes, everywhere(in fact, that's true of football games in general. Big clashes magnify that due to the higher stakes and level competition). Difference is is the amount of mistakes, and the reason behind them. For example, Real Madrid-Barcelona 3-4 was full of mistakes(especially from the ref), but most of those were caused by great players doing great things