Short term ambitions, middle term planning and long term goals

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    Short term ambitions
    Everybody knows we lack quality on two positions. If the club are serious with their title ambitions I can’t understand why they didn’t bought at least one new quality LB or RW. Is Fred enough? We’re short of RB and LB back ups until we know what kind of quality we have in Dalot. Shaw and Darmian don’t fill me with confidence. What’s the status regarding communication between Mourinho and Woodward? I think this is legitimate questions that need to be answered sooner or later.

    Middle term planning
    Several quality first team members is out of contract next season. There are rumors regarding Herrera and Mata. What’s the plan with Martial? DDG. Pogba. Several key players is sourounded with qustion marks and the media is spinning every inch of these problems. In order to install confidence and stability the club, especially our CEO, probably needs to address these problems before we are out of the title race. Otherwise it can gets ugly.

    Long term goals
    A lot of supporters are very, to say at least, negative with the way we approach the games. Sometimes it looks like our game plan is non existing. Long balls over the midfield. We’re poor in possession. Static and pedestrian. Is this connected with our manager our lack of quality? What’s our long term goal? Winning the CL or just competing to be top four in the PL?

    In my world Manchester United is a top club who every season competes for serious silverware. I accept the way we (Mourinho) plays if we win enough games to challange for the title, otherwise obviously not.

    What’s your take on this?

    Is the owner and the board on the same wavelength as us supporters?