Spotlight on Spurs: Q&A With Tottenham Fans

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    Tottenham Hotspur fans share their views before Manchester United's visit to White Hart Lane on Sunday.

    1. It looks increasingly likely that Manchester City will break into the top 4, so as things stand, Spurs will probably fight with Chelsea for a Champions League spot. How should Redknapp strengthen the squad for the latter half of the season to help retain a top 4 spot (e.g. you need a proper center forward)?
    CmonyouSpurs - Centre forward is definitely the main area to be addressed. I really hope we can bring Luis Suarez to the club in January. Aside from that, perhaps central midfield has been a slight weak link since Huddlestone's injuries, as Jenas, Palacios and Sandro have failed to impress and really take the role by the scruff of the neck. We were being linked quite heavily with Lassana Diarra, and that would be an amazing signing, even though I doubt that it would happen right now. The full back areas are also a bit of a weak spot. Between them, I'd say Hutton and Corluka have the right sided spot covered for now, and we don't really need a RB, however the inconsistent displays of Benoit Assou-Ekotto have seen him split opinions right down the middle with Spurs fans. I'd love to bring in a LB to cover and compete with him though, as we are very thin in his position.

    PunchInTheNutz - We need a strong central midfielder who can tackle and pass. Currently we have Palacios who can tackle but lacks finesse when passing. We also need a world class striker who can handle himself up top on his own and bang in goals for us every week. Defoe can only do this in fits and starts. He tends to have a lot of dry periods where he is misfiring and is down on his luck. He's really a hat-trick specialist. You'll see him hit the headlines every other month or so but he goes quiet in between. I'd be looking for cover in the Left back position, also. Bale is currently our LB cover and this is not ideal as he is more effective playing as a winger nowadays. A solid right-back would be a good addition too but not urgent.

    ioang - Just our luck, isn't it? As soon as we get into the Champions League and see one of the "Big Four" crumble, those moneybags come along and ruin it all! They're going to be difficult to stop, and not just us. Fergy's going to have to keep you on your toes for the next few years. Anyway, we clearly need a big, world-class centre forward. Not sure on Suarez, how's he going to sit at the top of our 4-2-3-1? He'd prefer a wing place I think. Forlan, Fabiano or perhaps even Caroll for me.


    Nani and Bale have been in superb form for their respective clubs.

    2. Tottenham are one of the most exciting teams to watch in Europe because of their gung-ho style of attacking football. Although Harry Redknapp stated earlier this year that tactics are not important, most Champions League managers will claim otherwise. How will Spurs cope in the knockout stages of the Champions League where leaky defenses have often been the bane of exciting teams?
    CmonyouSpurs - I truly believe that we can beat AC Milan. Our strengths lie mainly where their weaknesses are, with the likes of Bale and Lennon facing off against their fullbacks Abate/Antonini/Zambrotta. If Modric can control the game well enough to give plenty of ammunition down the flanks for our wingers, then we could truly trouble them. That being said, we really must keep things tight at the back as Milan have a top class forward line which could pierce any defence in the world.

    PunchInTheNutz - I've always believed from before our first ever game in the Champions League that our team is set up for tournament football. If you recall the German side in the World Cup you could make comparisons. They were a great counter attacking side and did well. Indeed, it is counter attacking teams that win knockout competitions the most. Brazil, anyone? So, although a pacey and flairy counter attacking side like ours has not won the CL in recent times that may be our secret weapon. We are a breath of fresh air in the CL knockout stages. We are just gonna go for it. I think a lot of teams will struggle with our tempo. I fancy our chances of beating AC Milan. Barcalona and Real are really the only teams that I fear besides the English teams who know us and our ways a bit better.

    Figgy - We didn't have the greatest defense in the group stages, far from it infact. But with Dawson back, let's see if he can work with Gallas and create a rock solid defense like we had last year and use that in Europe to our advantage. We'll struggle against AC Milan, a coin's toss is probably exaggerating our odds, but we can beat anyone on our day. And if you want to do well, you're going to come up against these teams, we've taken on Inter, why not AC Milan as well?


    Tactics versus Non-Tactics?

    3. Will the negative effects of the media circus outweigh the experience that David Beckham will bring while training with Tottenham?
    BigDub - Nope. The way I see it there are only positives to David's move to Spurs. There is the obvious fact that he might get time on the pitch and contribute directly to a Spurs victory. However, even if he isn't able to do this merely having him at training will be significant. The admiration and respect that Beckham garners will undoubtedly have a positive effect on our side. I firmly believe that our training sessions will improve with the addition of Beckham. As far as media is concerned, Spurs have been receiving more and more attention ever since breaking the top-4 last season. Thus, the club and players are more used to the distractions that increased media presence brings. I hope and expect that the Spurs players will effectively deal with any sort of distractions the "Beckham Circus" might being.

    Javi - Short answer YES. I have my own opinions about Beckham again I do not deny his ability but the whole situation is a distraction from main club objectives. I would have been much more comfortable with him coming over had he kept his feet in LA.

    Figgy - I don't get why people are moaning. Jenas has already come out and said the camp was buzzing at the prospect of him coming. He can only bring experience and knowledge to everyone, older and younger players alike. I think it might be getting to the fans, but the players will be loving it since at the same time it takes the limelight off of them, which is when we work best.

    rossdfc - I don't think so. I'm all for Beckham coming to Spurs even if it's going to stay like he is and only train for a few weeks. I'm not sure he'd offer a huge amount on the pitch anyway, it's more important that he can have an effect off the pitch IMO...I don't know if three weeks is enough time to do that but I don't think it would do any more harm than good. And the more big names that are linked with Tottenham can only help with signing world class players in the future... Liverpool are still relying on their name to get them signings!

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    Spurs are a great club and I like their fans to, have a lot of friends who are Spurs fans and you can always have a realistic conversation with them. If I were to wish success for any other team in the PL, it would be them .... not least because they are our unofficial UK feeder club!
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    YESHHHHH, We'll GOOO for it.
    And we do well against them, of course :devil:
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    I have always enjoyed following Spurs, partly because i absolutely hated Arsenal back when our rivalry was fierce, and partly because i feel they have similar ideals as us, such as maintaining an English backbone, attacking football, investing in youth, etc.
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    I like Spurs.

    Looking forward to the weekend's match!
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    Living in North London I can't stand their fans the slightest. They're as delusional and hysteric as the Scouse. When they won the Carling Cup it was the most unbearable, cringiest few weeks of celebrations (the carling cup FFS)

    Shame because I like the club itself and its footballing ethos.
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    It's lucky for Spurs, when the year ends in a '1'.......... good luck to them in the UCL,

    they have done well.......just hope we can do them at the 'Lane on Sunday though
    as we need the points, but 'arry will certainly go for us.....

    It's unlucky for City, if the year ends with a 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 or a 9........
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    Great piece, although they seem to have overlooked that the defence all have a tendency to breakdown in some way.