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    Maybe some Belgian posters now more, but this sounds like an excellent sory.

    Stijn Stijnen – the man behind the posts? « Six Pointer
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    Are you saying that vuc IS infact Nemanja Vidic? Those rumours are totally unfounded.
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    His girlfriend and brother have claimed responsibility for the posts but personally I don't believe it. Stijn Stijnen is exactly the kind of person who would do something like this.

    I've never liked him and everywhere he goes he causes troubles. He was also one of the main troublemakers in the national side until he was removed from the national selection (well, he kept the honour to himself actually upon hearing he would be the number 1 anymore).
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    Second that. What a fall he has made.
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    Let's give some extra info about this story and about Stijn Stijnen.

    He was Belgium's no.1 for a couple of years until Dick Advocaat, who had just signed for Belgium as manager, said in a tv interview that he didn't have a no.1 and that all goalkeepers would have the same chance to prove themselves. Stijnen then held a press conference to announce his retirement from international football while pointing fingers to Advocaat as the reason he quit even though he didn't do that explicitily. It was just pretty obvious he couldn't handle the fact that he would have to fight for his place.

    Advocaat predecessor, Rene Van der Eyken, was Stijnen's father-in-law, which was very convenient to keep his spot in the team (I personally never rated him, even though certain people in the press always seemed to back him as a good goalkeeper), but all that came to end when RVDE was sacked because of the results. In those days of RVDE, there was always trouble surrounding our national team, with players (mainly Stijnen was the idea I had back then) talking in the press criticising others while never looking at themselves. There was a constant controverse around our national team which didn't exactly help the results. I remember Stijnen saying there were players in the national team that were bad for the atmosphere within the group. I (and many fans with me) always thought it was Stijnen who was the bad influence within the dressing room. Anyway, in the press he was often portrayed as someone who just wanted the best for Belgium's national team which I (and again many with me) found cringeworthy since it appeared obvious to lots of us that he was the main reason for the bad atmosphere in the dressing room.

    Anyway, looking back now to our national team, it’s actually since the day Stijnen stopped playing for Belgium, controverse surrounding the national team stopped, which basically confirms what I always thought about him: he was the bad influence in the dressing room!

    Now, there’s never any mention of bad influences or bad atmosphere and the focus now is on the talented players that we have right now and the bright future they individually and as a team can have when/if they fulfill their prospect . I’d also like to add to this that I suspect (actually it’s more than suspect) Stijnen was jealous of our talented youngsters, and the fact that the media focused on them as our future in stead of him, the almighty Stijn Stijnen (at least ‘almighty’ from his own perspective as you will notice further in my post).

    By the way, I don’t know if people here might remember it, but in 2007, Belgium were playing Portugal in a euro qualifier, and in the week before that game, Stijnen said we (Belgium) had to kick Cristiano Ronaldo out of the match 2 minutes into the game. He of course denied he had said this and it was the media’s fault (pointing fingers to others again). However, he did get fined by the FIFA.

    Anyway, that was some history of Stijnen which paints the picture a little bit of what kind of an excuse of a person he is.

    Then, yesterday broke the story of Stijnen who apparently had been posting on Blauw Zwart Forum, which is a fanforum of Club Brugge, under the alias frigo since 2008. The article above basically sums up what happened, but the quoted posts in the article are far from the worst he’s posted on that forum. I’ll translate some of the them to paint the picture:

    (Carl = Carl Hoefkens, a defender and De Vlieger = Geert De Vlieger is also a goalkeeper)

    About Geert De Vlieger, one of the other goalkeepers who took Stijnen’s place this season when Stijnen was injured:

    About Colin Coosemans an 18 year old talented goalkeeper, who has played himself in the team while Stijnen was injured and remained first choice even though Stijnen was fit again. Stijnen has been openly backing up Coosemans in interviews with television but then goes on to post this:

    In a thread about himself:

    Quoting someone who was very positive about Stijnen:

    Stijnen slot on Twitpic
    Stijnen 1 on Twitpic
    Stijnen2 on Twitpic
    Stijnen3 on Twitpic

    Some quotes from another source:

    About himself:

    About some teammates:

    (Joos is a Belgian journalist, who from my point of view always seemed to back Stijnen)

    (About dutch defender Ryan Donk)

    About former teammates:

    (About Glenn Verbauwhede, who is on loan from Club Brugge to KV Kortrijk now)

    This last quote referred to François Sterchele, a striker who played for Club Brugge as Stijnen’s teammate, but died in a car accident almost 3 years ago.


    Wat Stijnen allemaal zei op het internet: een overzicht |