The Insider: Reggie Yates

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    Three part documentary series, the second of which is on as we speak, where Reggie Yates lives amongst the refugees in an Iraqi camp 20 miles from Syria.

    The kind of thing I think everyone needs to see, especially those that may not be totally racist but have that strange aversion to foreigners, usually born out of ignorance than hate.

    Anyway, it's really insightful. That they've built a basic city, with cafes, dress shops, barbers etc is amazing. The shop selling flatscreens was a nice touch.
    Looks like they all help each other out. The camp that he's in isn't particularly bad, in fact it's almost nice, but Jesus, the stories are insanely upsetting.
    The guy that welcomed him to stay the night in his tent had no family left, ripped up his only photo of them because it hurt too much to look at, and was talking about how their faces are fading away in his memory. Awful stuff.

    Recommend watching it because it's as heartwarming as it is sad.