When Henry met Lukaku *new interview with Lukaku

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    What has become ever apparent over the course of the entire season and indeed, at this World Cup, is that both his first touch and holding up of the ball has improved dramatically. Where he looked a heavy touch and fairly easy to dispossess at the very beginning, he is now looking like he is utilising his strength and size nicely to keep the ball under pressure and his touch looks sharp enough to be involved in intricate interplay. It cannot be understated how much he's improved in this season alone, technically.
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    What's so surprising. Viera is at City and he hardly played for them too. I am pretty sure there is at least one or two legends in another big team but can't remember who right now. It's not like he's coming from Liverpool. The times have changed and he's in a role of a coach for a Belgian national team because Martinez wanted him alongside, if Mourinho asks him to come he will not hesitates much, he respects United and everyone here respects him. If Arsenal fans are bitter they should have hired him first