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  1. Manchester United announce TeamViewer as shirt sponsor

    Another awful logo on our shirts.
  2. Granada - EL Opponent

    There's no easy games at this stage of the competition.
  3. Is Ole’s football really any better than José & LVG’s?

    Is the title of this thread a joke? Both of the previously named managers and especially the Portuguese has-been, promoted the destruction of our club. They both employed the same principle: buy the team out of trouble. £90m here, £60m there. There bought plasters to put over the cracks and...
  4. Would Moyes have really done any worse?

    So, your basically saying that he got everything wrong but is a good manager (with limits).
  5. Would Moyes have really done any worse?

    That's a different matter. Besides, he wouldn't have got the Welsh job if there was any really substance to that story.
  6. Would Moyes have really done any worse?

    He made fundamental mistakes. The first one being his blind loyalty to his staff at Everton and promoting then over Sir Alex's backroom staff who were proven winners of Premierships and cups. He bought one player and he too was from his former club. A above average player and not a world-class...
  7. Which United signing excited you the most before they played?

    Cantona. Couldn't believe his previous club let him go - and cheaply! The glue of the Fledglings and Sir Alex's career.
  8. James Garner to Nottingham Forest - Loan watch 2020-21

    Huh, nothing about James Garner here. I better head to another thread.
  9. When is McTominay going to be recognised as the next Steven Gerrard?

    There are similarities. McT is Scotish and Gerrard manages in Scotland.
  10. Manchester United vs Everton

    Ole rarely picks the same team. His eye is always on the next game. He likes to rotate.
  11. I see the 'ABU' Media are back in full voice...

    And of course, nothing like how we raped and pillaged our own people for 1000's of years. Besides, all Brits are foreigners. Originally.
  12. I see the 'ABU' Media are back in full voice...

    Maybe because he's a foreigner and Lampard is English?
  13. I see the 'ABU' Media are back in full voice...

    What is Simon Jordan's belief based on? Nothing. Both experienced top players; Lampard bought what, half-a-dozen good and expensive players last summer while United didn't buy a single player Solkjear wanted yet United reached top of the table (for which nobody is giving him credit), and Lampard...
  14. I see the 'ABU' Media are back in full voice...

    According to the ex-referee expert they had on BTSport, it was a definite penalty.
  15. Post match vs Fulham

    Because they raise their game for a few teams.