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  1. Chelsea before the money...

    The first bit is the most relevant. They were an average mid table club before the money came along. Everton, if they were lucky. Ken Bates spent a fortune on a few decent players to temporarily bump them up to the occasional European showing, but it backfired and almost collapsed the club. Had...
  2. Racism in European Football

    The difference is that football authorities in Italy and Eastern Europe dont really think it's a problem. The rest of them do but arent prepared to risk the gravy train to do anything about it. The only thing I think that can really work is for teams to walk off the pitch. Fans will soon stop...
  3. Bluemoon goes into Meltdown

    The missus can sod off I'm all for watching this thread tonight.
  4. Manchester City banned from CL for 2 seasons and fined 30 million euros

    I give it a month before this is overturned and some UEFA execs get shiny new Ferraris.
  5. Football Leaks: Manchester City accused of using shadow firms to flout rules

    It's standard bullying tactics when you've done wrong, go after the accuser to discredit them and scare them away from digging any further. Lance Armstrong did it for years. Everybody knows it and it's why i couldn't care less if City win every league for the next 10 years. None of them mean...
  6. Hakim Ziyech

    Well hopefully he won't have to worry about that :)
  7. Hakim Ziyech

    26 is fine but he's a quick, tricky winger, those kinds of players usually start to decline after they hit 30. He's got 4-5 years of his best level left, Chelsea don't want 2 of those spent getting used to the league.
  8. Hakim Ziyech

    He's 26 and will have to adjust quickly to the PL but i like him, i wish we'd gone in at that price.
  9. Footballers rated higher when active than after

    Jaap Stam. Best defender the PL has ever seen but almost never mentioned anymore.
  10. “Socialism” vs. “Capitalism” debate

    Capitalism has it's issues. It's beginning to spiral out of control and needs reigning back in again, but let's not forget the centuries of improvements that have resulted from it. Plus, there has so far been no better alternative and I doubt any single ideology will ever work. They all need...
  11. Wuhan / Covid-19 Virus.

    I am actually very glad the government here shut down all travel from China soon after this got serious.
  12. How modern football became broken beyond repair

    I think the PL will struggle in about 10 years, as Serie A did after its dominance. The oil money will ruin any form of competition as smaller clubs fall away, which in turn will put viewers off watching it. That then means it's less appealing to the oil money who will feck off somewhere else...
  13. Do pundits, media and fans need to let the FA Cup go a bit?

    There used to be something special about final day with the twin towers and the history but that's long gone. It's just The Emirates Cup or whatever it's called now, another money machine in a shiny new identikit stadium. No different than the League Cup really. It's a shame because it was great...
  14. Wuhan / Covid-19 Virus.

    I dont know about that. It's under control in Europe so far and even in China new cases are slowing down. The controls in place are unprecedented and appear to be working.
  15. The curious case of Jon Moss

    This comment is spot on: All we ever hear is how referees should be respected, but respect is earned. The current lot deserve all the stick they get.