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  1. Top 10 dribblers in Man Utd history

    Woeful lack of respect for Stevie Coppell and Gordon Strachan in this thread
  2. How do Barcelona rebuild?

    Messi to PSG... this or next transfer window. You heard it here first
  3. Andre Schurrle retiring

    I agree... I don't think he "needs" to make a couple of Million more, he's undoubtedly made millions from playing the game. He is probably set for life from a financial point of view, and a couple of extra million wouldn't change that. The burn out it real... and I think he has fallen out of...
  4. Andre Schurrle retiring

    Really does go to show how the game has changed... and that the money in the game has gone beyond anyone's wildest dreams. Schurrle has made more money from the game than most of us will see in a lifetime... he has won the game's highest honors. He doesn't need the money that a player like...
  5. From Which Club do We Have the Best Track Record of Making Signings From?

    We did pull one over on the Toffees by conning them into giving us £25 for that lump Morgan Schniederlin... and letting them sign Tom Cleverly
  6. Players you had forgotten existed

    Didn't he nearly lose his leg after an injury at Arsenal... something about an infection. Missed the better part of 2-3 season as a result.
  7. Fergie's biggest mistake- summer 2009

    Couple of notes... 1. People seem to forget that overhauling the squad by moving on first team / quality players every few seasons was Fergie's MO... and Ronaldo and Tevez out wasn't the first time he'd done something like this and had it work out (1995 Selling Ince, Kanchelkis, Hughes in one...
  8. Worst ever football kits

    I would have loved to be in the boardroom when this concept got pitched - 1860 Munich (2010)
  9. Expensive transfers that worked

    I'd struggle to say more than 5 or 6 of the top 20 were an unqualified success
  10. Expensive transfers that worked

    Robson to United ... British record signing at the time Keane to United... which I believe was a British record signing at the time Van Nistelrooy to United which was a record... until we went and stumped 5Million more on Veron (who doesn't fit the category)
  11. How many players have you seen at Manchester United that you have left you awestruck?

    I think you mean 09/10... but I agree. There was an 18 month spell in there where Nani was doing things on the ball no-one else was doing... spectacular at times, but consistently effective. Unfortunately somewhere in the 11/12 season he faded back to being regular Nani and the magic (though...
  12. Rojo filmed smoking and playing poker

    Was he winning at poker? What brand was he smoking? important questions
  13. My First Kit

    Going back a ways... but this is the first kit I got as a young lad. Probably had the same stains in it as well
  14. Rio Ferdinand on Ravel, Terry, Cristiano and more

    Great interview, well worth the watch... what else do you have to do?
  15. That loss to Leverkusen

    I've always felt that the loss to Dortmund was more disappointing, as we really should have won that match with the players we had on the pitch... and Eric really deserved a place in a CL final... funnily, I believe it was Roy Keane (in his infamous book) claimed that Eric was one of the...