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  1. Antony | Could be forcing a move

    Throw VDB Chong Lindelof/Bailly, AWB and Amad on loan there and everyone wins
  2. Casemiro | Here We Go!

    To be honest my best memories from my playing days are from the training ground with all my mates having fun and running our asses off so if i would want to say goodbye i would rather make It on the training ground one last time rather then take them all to the restaurant.
  3. Casemiro | Here We Go!

    With all that positive informations in last hours and all that negative ones in previous weeks and a match with Liverpool just right behind the corner my head is going crazy and my feelings are changing all the time. It almost feels like we would try to sign some Russian player CasemirONOFF
  4. Fantasy Premier League 22/23

    Still with 3 pts there wont be more then 300k people with less points
  5. Fantasy Premier League 22/23

    100% fake, too many red signs. Those players cost around 97,5 mil so no one would have all that bad cheap defenders and not upgrade it for James, Cancelo etc. Another thing there are 9 176 311 players and that team was 8847456 in the game week. So there is no chance there were around 300 k...
  6. Alejandro Garnacho | 2022/23 Performances

    Seeing what others are playing and are still being picked for first squad before him maybe he feels trapped on the bench and need some genius to get him out of it ?
  7. Casemiro | Here We Go!

    Yeah, why not. We still gonna get Frenkie so the only missing piece is de Bruyne....
  8. Brentford vs Manchester United

    Probably because he is the worst we have with the ball and with out central midfield being poor we need defenders who can pass
  9. Frenkie de Jong | 4th lever pulled | Barca still short.. | next lever selling fan base off?

    I hope we are confident but It feels like everything around the club right now, our performances, transfers etc. is more like a first interview with Ronaldo and Gary Neville. Are you feeling confident ? No understand… sorry :/
  10. Brentford vs Manchester United

    Is Martial ready to play ? De Gea Dalot Maguire Martinez Malacia Fred Garner Sancho Eriksen Bruno Ronaldo If Martial is fit then Martial LW Bruno CAM and Eriksen with Fred. I do not want to see McT and Rashford ever again.
  11. Frenkie de Jong | 4th lever pulled | Barca still short.. | next lever selling fan base off?

    I do not think that, that’s why there was an arrow that from 12 you get 1 and 2 :)
  12. Frenkie de Jong | 4th lever pulled | Barca still short.. | next lever selling fan base off?

    Today is 12th 12 -> 1+2 = 2+1 -> 21 19 years ago we sign 2 players Ronaldo and Kleberson 19+2 = 21 Kleberson was player from Brazilian League, Ronaldo was from Portuguese League next in line is someone from Spaniash League. And on top of that today is my birthday :) Is happening !
  13. Transfer Tweets - Manchester United - 2022/23 | Follow the OP rules and check the quality of your sources before posting

    As the food he is giving i would give him away for free. He just lost It as a player.