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  1. Inter failed to pay Lukaku transfer bonus; ManUtd asked for Skriniar or Lautaro to close the deal

    only here for the money, ill PM paypal details.
  2. Football & Sports Betting Thread 2020/2021

    Lost my bank card or was gonna do the same thing myself. Done the skybet treble with a fiver free bet last night. Boy in work (villa fan) has bet me £100 that villa will beat United on Friday, tempted to put the £60 on Villa double chance, gives me 100% chance of making money regardless of the...
  3. Raiola: "I can say that it's over for Pogba at United"

    I hope hes in the reserves for the rest of the season. Absolutely no respect for the club or his team mates allowing this to happen. Then that ridiculous post this morning about hair choices rather than lamenting his agent for doing it. If he really wants to leave then keep it in house and go...
  4. Would you sack or keep Ole? (Poll reopened)

    Hes had long enough
  5. Television Queens Gambit -- Netflix

    Bit hesitant watching this because of her character in peaky blinders but glad I out my prejudice aside and gave it a go. Thoroughly enjoyable and a definite recommend. Not like certain limited series they have were its just background noise and you dip in and out of it, this one was...
  6. Football & Sports Betting Thread 2020/2021

    It is sports related, trump and biden are in a race
  7. Football & Sports Betting Thread 2020/2021

    Howd the rest of the bet go after the cash out?
  8. Football & Sports Betting Thread 2020/2021

    Right serious question, if you back a horse at 100/1 and the price comes in to 8/1 what cash out would you be expecting for £20 stake 10er ew. Reckon people lump on these horses at 100/1 stick a tip round social media and the like and get loads of suckers to jump on it and driver the price...
  9. Post match vs Arsenal

    Shambolic and pathetic from the whole team. Donny was motm and he came on for 15 mins shows how poor everyone else was.
  10. Football & Sports Betting Thread 2020/2021

    Havent seen the lineup was going off skysports update just. Wonder if they plant these stories close to kickoff to catch out rookies betting blind and wild?
  11. Football & Sports Betting Thread 2020/2021

    Anyone doing the psv game? Loads out today for covid and half the youth team depleted as well.
  12. In an alternate universe, will Rashford starts for other Europe's elite club?

    People complaining about his current form this season need to realise the whole team is only kicking into gear. Ever since Martial got suspended its been a blessing in disguise, as its put Rashford central. I like martial but he's not the top striker that we need. Rashford would defo start for...
  13. The [non] use of Van de Beek - Ole's player?

    Its criminal having the guy on the bench then not using him at all yesterday. He should have came on for Fred. Not saying Fred played badly, but we needed more attacking flair. Can see him seeking a move away soon along with Pogba. I know its early days in the season but he's been ignored for...
  14. What is Dan James good at?

    no clue what to do in the final third of the pitch, once he gets there he just puts his head down and runs into defenders hoping for a lucky deflection. Needs sent out on loan to develop more as using the United first team as a learning curve isnt what we need right now when we have better...
  15. Post match vs Chelsea

    tough match in terrible conditions. Yes we could have been more adventurous going forward and the team selection could have offered more by dropping James and even playing Telles on the LW. That said a draw is better than a defeat and keeps some sort of momentum going. Chelsea are a good side...