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  1. Ways of improving a ‘behind closed doors’ atmosphere?...

    When Dortmund and Wolfsburg came back out after HT, it was so cringey how they had the strobe lights going and music blasting. Just play the games, don't force any of that crap in. It's cheesy.
  2. Manchester United sues Football Manager makers over use of name

    Well if that were true, you'd think there'd be more of an effort to not come off like petulant twats.
  3. Did he really play for us?

    After 170 loans Josh King went on and had a solid career, I'd say.
  4. Bundesliga Gameweek 26 | #Footback keep this thread football only (Covid free zone)

    Nice to just hear the sounds, but I haven't been watching "regular" television so I haven't seen a commercial since March. The commercials at halftime were all like "Quicken Loans is here for you during these challenging times." Have all the commercials been like this? Ye gods.
  5. Saudis taking over Newcastle

    Politics and morals aside for a second, the idea, objectively speaking, of increased parity in the league is lovely. Makes for a better product, day in and day out. Unfortunately, if you don't seek to achieve that parity by implementing some sort of salary cap or hard transfer cap, this is the...
  6. Barcelona in crisis after six directors resign in protest at way club is run

    "Barcelona presidential candidate launches astonishing attack on club's board and claims LaLiga giants are in danger of 'economic bankruptcy and moral decay'" This is like the equivalent of Gal Gadot and all those other morons singing "Imagine." Go. Away!
  7. Ruud Van Nistelrooy

    Another one of my all time favorites. I wish my jersey still fit but 2005 was many, many beers ago.
  8. Berbatov's Appreciation Thread

    In all the sports I watch, I always gravitate towards towards the mercurial offensive masterminds, and no one epitomizes that more than Berbatov. Very few players over the years have excited me every single time the ball comes near them; guy was a real ace. Watching Welbeck get picked over him...
  9. Townsend: "Footballers being painted as villains"

    It's not a zero sum game, why is it being painted as players vs. owners vs. politicians? I don't think the players, or anyone, should be required to cut/donate their wages, but this is a group of people with the power to do some real good for a mass of scared individuals in a real scary time...
  10. Which old match still annoys you?

    I sometimes wake up at night thinking about that game. Berbatov had a double but the moment that stands out is when he found himself marking that beast Chris Samba and had no choice but to foul him. That game cost us Pogba, the first time, anyway, and we all basically knew it at the time.
  11. Anderson - is he the 'real deal'? | Retires age 31

    Don't know I can agree with that, fella. For my money, peak Nani was 2010/11, he was on another level that season, also great the following season and then really fell off a cliff.
  12. What's the earliest you left a game?

    In the last 30 or so years I can really only recall leaving early a couple of meaningful times - both were baseball games however. I left a Met game in the second inning in 1996. Beautiful day at the ballpark and the Mets actually won with a walk-off home run, but I didn't see any of that...
  13. Arsenal vs Manchester United

    Brandon Williams, Billy Dee Williams, whoever; just make a move
  14. Burnley vs Manchester United

    Joe Hart :lol: Man, he was heated that he didn't get to come in
  15. Nice sack Lamine Diaby-Fadiga after stealing Kasper Dolberg's watch

    I was about to say, that's a lot of 'scarrole for a Rolex