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  • Dortmund are sounding pretty desperate for us to cough up the money. Keep saying "must be before the deadline or no sale, PLEASE PLEASE GIVE US LOTS OF MONEY" I think Woodward is sitting there laughing tbh.
  • No, he genuinely wants to come home to the UK. Spain is an even bigger difference in life compared to Germany.
  • I feel like it's all gone quiet now so Dortmund can get a replacement.
  • Dortmund have already started training, that is just their "training camp" where they fly to switzerland and play some mini games etc.
  • I've finally found my true home :lol: These people are clearly either very bored, or very lonely and feel they need the justification of others to scratch their ego's. I tried to remain impartial but seeing how that mod handled the situation...
  • Jroades267 sure is rattled considering he said “just take it light hearted and not too serious :lol: he knows they’ve been rumbled and he’s on the offensive now. What a joke, I knew it would all come crumbling down like usual. ITK my ass.
  • What a load or bull
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    Looking forward to seeing how the generational talent destroys Rangers tonight. I'm expecting at least 2 goals and an assist the way he's been talked up in this thread. :D
  • Were wool gloves not invented back then?! strange choice but it looked like something out of fifa pro clubs.
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    It's mainly because he presses fast and hard, he either wins it or gets done. Perhaps he needs to find the right balance but I think in a team that presses properly he'd be great. If he had a CDM behind him sweeping it up he'd cause loads of...
  • Saw a video earlier of him scoring 2 goals at Wembley against England wearing goalkeeper gloves?! what was that about.
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    Yep. He did it as a political gesture to say "look I can play youngsters too" but clearly didn't actually trust Gomes. Maybe that hurt him in the long term.
  • To think Arsenal lost out on Suarez because of a few quid ffs :lol: that was such a ridiculous decision.
  • How confident are you? wishing to bet say, a 1 week temp ban if you're wrong?
  • If anything clubs seem to abuse their own players more than opposition now. It's not just us either, Arsenal and Chelsea are particularly bad for it too.