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  1. FA Cup Final: Chelsea V Leicester City

    The fans have been sorely missed.
  2. Israel - Palestine Discussion

    And as logical human beings we can decide to not "both sides" this issue by equivocating the occupiers and the occupied. You are saying that there will be "unfortunate consequences". There do not need to be "unfortunate consequences". Selma and Sharpeville and other atrocities did not have to...
  3. Israel - Palestine Discussion

    It doesn't mean that international law wasn't violated. There wouldn't be any consequences, I agree. Maybe if the Palestinians were allowed to buy more precise weaponry that allowed them to target military infrastructure in Israel, they wouldn't have to manufacture crude missiles? (tongue in...
  4. Israel - Palestine Discussion

    They aren't? :confused: The US didn't get pulled up over the use of white phosphorus in Iraq, because the UN is spineless. However it was a violation. You're trying to isolate the issue of sending rockets back and forth. If this was a war between two sovereign powers (e.g. Israel and...
  5. Israel - Palestine Discussion

    I'm challenging your designation of Gaza containing military infrastructure, given that a military is associated with a sovereign state, and engagements between militaries are governed by international law.
  6. Israel - Palestine Discussion

    Your first question implies Gaza is a legitimate military target.
  7. Israel - Palestine Discussion

    Of course it is an obtuse statement by the IDF. It's an absolutely ridiculous justification.
  8. Israel - Palestine Discussion

    Al-Queda should have used this reasoning for 9/11. "NYPD Counterintelligence was situated on the 34th floor of the South Building!"
  9. Premier League Gameweek 35/36

    Leeds have 53 points this season. Last season they were in the Championship.
  10. Bar 18/19 the Title hasn’t been close in a while

    And people call the 18-19 title race boring :D
  11. Premier League Gameweek 35/36

    He's been injured most of the season, and has probably played like only 4 games.
  12. La Liga 2020/21

    Ok this is hilarious.
  13. Dean Henderson | 2020/21 Performances

    Should have come out for the goal. Still deserves a full season as #1. Will reserve judgement on him till then.
  14. The shocking decline of Trent Alexander Arnold

    Why? Trippier has had an excellent season for Atletico. And TAA has never taken his club form to internationals. He'll have plenty of opportunities to stake a place in future tournaments. It is funny that TAA chose the game against us to show his quality again. This rut was always just a rut.
  15. 'Pep' Guardiola sack watch

    It's like they take any praise of Pep as a shot at SAF. SAF's record doesn't need defending. Any manager of the modern era (Pep, Jose, Wenger, Zidane) has a quote acknowledging how SAF stands alone. Between Aberdeen and United. And it's unlikely, given how the game has evolved towards the need...