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  1. Ole’s farewell interview

    If something like this happened five years ago, the comments here would mostly be supportive, and sympathetic. The forum is become more vile and toxic lately. With many new members showing no true attachment to the club and what it means.I know its a result business and we haven't been great at...
  2. Going big in the transfer market

    Didnt Maguire win the PL with Leicester?
  3. Cristiano Ronaldo | Signs for United! Fcuk City

    Why did his flight turn back? :nervous:
  4. Jadon Sancho| Staying at Dortmund for now

    Imagine saying this a year ago.
  5. Bruno Fernandes | Signed

    Yep, Followed by a long range cracker and assists to Martial and Greenwood :drool:
  6. Bruno Fernandes | Signed

    Ah.. I see Well, I think his flight will most likely be at around 17:00. He would reach Manchester around 20:00.
  7. Bruno Fernandes | Signed

    Why were people tracking flights at 12:00 when most sources said he will arrive tonight with a medical scheduled tomorrow.
  8. Six new incomings! Who will they be?

    Nobody is coming. Its just usual Ed Woodward media briefings after every such mediocre displays and fan protests.
  9. Bruno Fernandes | Signed

    Wonder where is Plech nowadays. His posts used to be brilliant.
  10. Bruno Fernandes | United not interested due to doubts over passing ability

    Can't see any recent tweet regarding this from Fabrizio
  11. Aaron Wan-Bissaka | The Ornacle speaks: It is done.

    Craig Norwood confirms it. AWB coming in this evening, Medicals tomorrow
  12. Ander Herrera: Ole Gunnar Solskjaer the right man for Man United despite 'tough job ahead'

    I have been following this forum since 2010, I hardly post but used to read through all posts. And honestly I have never seen this forum turn so much caustic. Fans are turning on managers without even giving them a proper chance. No regard for club legends. We used to mock talking reds forums...
  13. Why not retractable roof?

    I think the new real madrid and barcelona stadiums will have retractable roofs.