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  1. Bruno Fernandes | 2020/21 Performances

    That’s put a genuine smile on my face. Big game from him tomorrow I’m sure.
  2. Our second goal vs Newcastle

    Bruno’s touch & finish :drool:
  3. Bruno, Fred, McT

    No but I wouldn’t draw the conclusion that McT & Fred are the answer given we were drawing 1-1 when Fred came off. I just don’t believe our current tactics get the best out of quite a few. We want to play a high line but our Cbs attributes aren’t great for it, we play 2 DMs but still concede...
  4. Bruno, Fred, McT

    We saw last year how effective Fred can be against better teams in a set up that conceded possession so yes I think he’ll show even better than yesterday in those games. As for midfielders not helping the defence, I don’t like dedicating 2 players at the base against most teams; we don’t help...
  5. Bruno, Fred, McT

    Who the feck are we, Stoke!? Chasing & harassing Newcastle away. Pogba isn’t the answer - Mct & Fred sure as hell ain’t either.
  6. Bruno, Fred, McT

    Our best/most dominant performances came right after Project Restart though :houllier: Can’t wait for the anti-pogba agenda to haunt next season when we’re effectively drawing away to a Newcastle & look to the bench with no WC winner on it. We won 4-1 & people can’t wait to push this...
  7. Paul Pogba | 2020/21 Performances

    Wonder who the whipping boy will be next season when we’re 1-1 away to a Newcastle-esque team with McT & Fred bossing the midfield to a draw :lol: Fans wanting to strip the club of quality instead of asking why the hell we’re playing this formation. Funny what a win can do. Vive la Pogba FC...
  8. Bruno, Fred, McT

    We’d lost the previous game 6-1 with Pogba playing LW for 45 minutes; I’d expect a vast improvement. 2 of our 3 best attackers were indeed missing, so remind me what happened at 2-1 against Spurs & who the DMs were in the second half because a certain frenchman wasn’t in there. We outplayed...
  9. Bruno, Fred, McT

    Exactly. We were drawing 1-1 when Pogba came on, we won 4-1 - I’m not even stating he was integral in the 3 goals buy people are behaving as if McT & Fred raised the level immeasurably. We won a game, both were ok. If that’s them stamping their authority on midfield we really are doomed.
  10. What’s your first choice midfield then?

    Guess we’ll see going forward. People got what they wanted yesterday & game wasn’t won until Pogba came on the field. So long as our best 3 consists of McT & Fred we won’t be up to much. We need 2 starting midfielders. Playing Pogba in a 4-2-3-1 for months on end then finally seeing it ain’t...
  11. What’s your first choice midfield then?

    I can’t get over the fact we have Paul Pogba & Bruno Fernandes at the club yet people are willing to accept mismanagement as a reason they can’t play together. I refuse to believe there’s no system that couldn’t get better out of such talent. The fact we’ve tried nothing other than 4-2-3-1 is...
  12. Bruno, Fred, McT

    Fred & McT were not the one today, absolute wrong game to make a thread like this off the back of. The fact a certain section of fans have let their distain for a French midfielder make them force such statements is genuinely saddening. We need 2 new starting midfielders.
  13. Would you sack or keep Ole? (Poll reopened)

    A forum should be a place for open debate. This one happens to be about Manchester United so a debate about its management & its competence are valid. The stain on the forum is the group think mentality tied to an opinion. The conversation lacks any nuance. We won today against a rather...
  14. Harry Maguire | 2020/21 Performances

    He scored a goal against newcastle, calm down lad. I actually came in here to post fair play to him as he was blatantly unfit yet put in a good shift. Do tell me how this works though, do I bookmark your post then quote it next time we lose? Grief, a win away to Newcastle :cool: ‘My captain...
  15. Newcastle United vs Manchester United