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  1. Television Top Boy

  2. Television Top Boy

    Just finished this season. Overall really enjoyed it but did think it was a notch down on previous seasons and the various storylines became a bit messy/silly at times.
  3. English cricket 2022

    Yeah and bonuses being linked to performance in Tests etc. However good out white ball side is, I don’t think you can say English cricket is in a good state when we perform like this in one of the main events in the calendar, plus pretty poor home performances earlier in the year. Test is...
  4. English cricket 2022

    This series is a total damp squib. England aren’t even able to push Australia at all, it’s just cruise control and very hard to see anything other than a whitewash for them. I know white ball cricket is where the money is but I do hope the ECB decide to do something about investment in Test...
  5. Television Succession

  6. Television Succession

    Wow, what a finale. I had high hopes anyway as I just thought it was too good a show for all the build up to not be for a crescendo at the end. I know some didn’t like the slower pace before now, but I think it’s made it more realistic in the sense they’re all making moves all the time and yet...
  7. English cricket 2022

    This England side is so weak. It’s not a great side anyway, but it underperforms too often even within those parameters.
  8. English cricket 2022

    :lol: Honestly
  9. ICC T20 World Cup 2021

    Well done to NZ, but felt like quite a bottle job from England letting them back into the game when they needed over 14 an over at one point. Would like NZ to win overall though, especially after the World Cup final was so tight.
  10. ICC T20 World Cup 2021

    The Roy injury is a bit of a worry for the rest of the tournament
  11. English cricket 2022

    Yeah I agree, and the non-white friends I’ve spoken to share your view too. The institutional element of it is the bigger problem. Ballance should be disciplined but not in a way that he becomes the lightning rod and the board members who turned a blind eye get off scot-free. Thankfully I think...
  12. English cricket 2022

    Reads like a total non-apology to me. And the “in my younger years” excuse is pretty thin. He’s 31, the same age as me, and it has never been acceptable to use that word in our lifetimes. I think the main story is the board’s lack of action though, so I hope focus on that isn’t lost. The...
  13. Television Sex Education

    I started watching it a few weeks ago and I found the “American high school in the UK” thing very weird for the first episode, but I then got used to it and it stopped annoying me quite quickly. Apparently the lack of obvious location/era is a conscious choice to make it appeal to more people...
  14. Television Succession

    Just watched the first ep - surely a bit of history there between Shiv and her ‘old friend’ Lisa the lawyer.
  15. Television Unfunny comedians

    Yeah I think there’s some truth to that. Plus as a medium it’s probably the most exposing and requires the most up front confidence, so I imagine that puts more women off than men and the female comics are more likely to choose the writing/acting route instead. On my own list I never got the...