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  1. Centre Back... Who do we go for?

    "not starting regularly" tends to be my usual choice of words for "he was a starter, their best post-covid player, and their best defender taken over the whole season but is currently recovering from a shoulder operation he underwent on the injury he was forced to play through last season...
  2. Champions League | Matchday 2

    antony not playing though:(
  3. Eredivisie 2020-21

    It's actually the opposite. He's at his best when he dribbles more. What he lacks (so far) though is intensity in his actions. Saw it very prominently in one moment vs Groningen where he easily got past his man, had like half the pitch ahead of him to run into, and seemed to run at 60% pace...
  4. Antony Santos

    unbelievable player. no idea how we got him. here's some of his moments from our most recent match (a very intense match against Vitesse)
  5. Donny van de Beek /beːk/| Manchester United Player

    sorry to say this, but this isn't true. Donny would have got the same send-off regardless of what top club he signed for
  6. Donny van de Beek | van de Beek's father: "[Moving to United] a dream come true."

    Nouri is "out of coma" but in what could be described as a vegetative state.
  7. UEFA Youth League 19/20

    It's not that Ajax weren't fussed. It's just that the best players (Rensch, Taylor, Unuvar) of last season's U19 (that qualified for this stage of the tournament) are all with the first team in Austria doing preseason, which is far more helpful for their season and chances at breaking though, as...
  8. Nathan Ake (Close to signing for Man City, £40m fee)

    think that's for the better though. I think at that time De Vrij wouldn't have made it at United. He was incredibly (in pre De Ligt terms at least) experienced for a, then, young centreback, but mentally he was completely different back then and physically far too lightweight for England.
  9. Nathan Ake (Close to signing for Man City, £40m fee)

    Ake's a starting centreback for Holland? What? Holland has a definitive centreback pairing Van Dijk - De Ligt the only other player who even gets a look in as an option is De Vrij, arguably the best centreback in the Serie A this season. Ake only ever gets a look in at left back, but even...
  10. Jude Bellingham | Confirmed Borussia Dortmund player

    yeah but there's a difference in pay in that first professional contract as well as a different, more financially secure structure around the follow up second contract at 18 which can be very significant to the families of some of these players. outside of that I obviously don't get why you'd...
  11. Potential Matic Replacements

    He's very aggressive, and surprisingly technical on the ball for a centreback, which is imo his better position than midfielder. but he's nowhere near ready for a step up. definitely a revelation of sorts early on in the season but also a bit shaky at times. also not sure really that his passing...
  12. Jude Bellingham | Confirmed Borussia Dortmund player

    this is such an outdated criticism. our academy went down the drain post Van Gaal's stint as the club's sporting director in the early-mid 2000s (around the time our last golden generation with Van der Vaart, Sneijder, etc. broke through). we then had a decade of completely bland products. but...
  13. Hakim Ziyech

    hardly how i'd describe a player who has this up his sleeve
  14. Donny Van De Beek

    very different type of player. Gravenberch is the Frenkie replacement.