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  1. Accumulated fatigue is a real thing.

    That is why they get paid ridiculous wages and a team is made of more than 11 players. If the coaches sees a player isn’t fit, then he should call on the depth of his team, rather than run a player into the ground. Or if that players needs fitness, then there is a lot of games to make him match...
  2. A serious look at Mauricio Pochettino

    Not consistently. Spurs became a much better side with the appointment of Poch. I remember before him, Arsenal fans would always mock them and even United fans with the infamous, “lad it is Tottenham” comment. That narrative changed completely with Pochettino and the fans there deserves to give...
  3. A serious look at Mauricio Pochettino

    Don’t try to use logic. There is no hope in trying to convince those that can’t see the fantastic job Pochettino did at Spurs. They seem to be susceptible to very low quality information and almost immune to facts. When you look at how he got Spurs to the champions league with a budget of a...
  4. Frank Lampard's Sack Watch

    I stated they had a poor defense in that post you quoted :lol:. Lampard team look far more organized. Maybe I should have been more clear what I meant by that. Their passing, off the ball movement, and interplay looks like a team that has an idea what the gameplan is. Which isn’t the case at...
  5. Fantasy Premier League 20/21

    Double Southampton defenders finally pulling through with a clean sheet. Glad they provided some worth. With Jesus and Aguero out, I will need to bring in sterling, Foden, or mahrez to join de bryune in my midfield
  6. Frank Lampard's Sack Watch

    Weird if lampard doesn’t have a say in the players he wants. Never understood that logic because a manager should decide which player best suits his philosophy not someone higher up who isn’t on the training pitch. lampard‘s team at least looks organize, despite having a poor defense. Ole’s...
  7. Frank Lampard's Sack Watch

    His defense will still cause him trouble. If he invested more wisely in the transfer window, Lampard would have a chance to catch liverpool and Manchester City. However, I have not seen much of Mendy. He might help improve their defense. Still have more faith in lampard than I would Ole.
  8. Frank Lampard's Sack Watch

    We had one of the best defense in Europe last season. We are just poorly organized. AWb and Shaw are exceptional defense fullback. Probably the best in football. Maguire is a leader in the back. Moreover, we have two first choice goalkeepers. We are much better than we are showing at the moment.
  9. Frank Lampard's Sack Watch

    Rice is a good step in the right direction. Their defense was the issue and I don’t understand why they did not invest heavily on there. They could have signed Koulabalily, Alaba, or any world class defenders, plus a top goalkeeper and that would have significantly improved their side. The only...
  10. Frank Lampard's Sack Watch

    This is the result of poor recruiting strategy. A few poster on here like me didn’t believe the hype because they invested so poorly. Their defense was the problem, yet they spent most of their cash on attacking talent. After spending so much and still have the same defense as last season with...
  11. Fantasy Premier League 20/21

    Keeping Bruno paid off, but my god our football is appalling. I m not sure I m want to keep him. Need a boost in overall team performance to make him worth it. However, I feel that with so many penalty call happening, I might keep a hold of him for a bit.
  12. Anyone understand why we bought van de Beek?

    @simplyared doesnt realize that only 11 men can be on the pitch. He is a quality player to strengthen our squad. I will not be surprised if he begins starting matches soon.
  13. Paul Pogba | 2020/21 Performances

    He looks a much better player playing the free role behind the striker, rather than deeper in the midfield. Saved Ole his job when he was still interim. Don’t think we will see the best of him until he plays that role again.
  14. A serious look at Mauricio Pochettino

    You don’t have to look far for these moment anymore, but the big ones are more surprising. Before the palace game, I questioned the inclusion of James and Fosu and how that will hinder the success of the team. Just today only, I stated at half time, we will comeback through a counter attacking...
  15. A serious look at Mauricio Pochettino

    Been clear for awhile and I can place a lot of money on it that if we get either Pochettino or Nagelsmann, they will return United to glory. This will be another Amadaeus moment, if our board make the right call. However, I m less convinced with Nagelsmann despite agreeing a lot with his philosophy.