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  1. Solskjær press conference vs West Ham (A)

    Brilliant. :lol:
  2. We are an awfully coached team

    Naa. Tonight's game proves Pep is a hack and that Solskjaer knows the right way to play.
  3. We are an awfully coached team

    Yeah, I was talking more about the last couple of years. Obviously now it's time to deliever without excuses (but they are ready-made anyway: we need midfielders).
  4. We are an awfully coached team

    Since we're in a building stage, I'm more interested in how we play rather than where we finish (3rd or 2nd, because Liverpool have a crap season and standards for 2nd have dropped). I believe it's a better indicator to our ability to actually compete for what the final goal is, which is...
  5. We are an awfully coached team

    It looks idiotic now, but when Fergie retired I thought that the one good thing that could come out of it is that we'll move ahead tactically. Four managers later, we haven't.
  6. Solskjær press conference vs West Ham (A)

    I'm well aware of their record. My point was regarding the claim that what we suffer because we have inexperienced coaches. I'm pointing out some of our previous coaches didn't have huge experience. Kidd had a few years in lower levels and worked in the lower ranks of United. McLaren only worked...
  7. Solskjær press conference vs West Ham (A)

    When we got Steve McLaren he had about four years working as assistant for Derby County. Brian Kidd was working mostly with youth. They weren't these hugely experienced coaches, but they had their qualities - and also had Alex Ferguson above them. McKenna has been working with United'd first...
  8. We are an awfully coached team

    I'm struggling to accept that notion. Sure, he hasn't been a manager for very long at the top level, but he's been working for many years as coach - mostly in Norway, but also in European competitions and the Premier League, which gave him plenty of time to learn things. Plus, he's now been with...
  9. We are an awfully coached team

    I'm not saying that I want him sacked now, but the message might be that we are able to see deeper under the surface and not just see a couple of good results.
  10. We are an awfully coached team

    Indeed. If there is blame, then the one's most responsible are those who run the club and decide who to hire. Unfortunately, owners tend to come and go a lot less than managers...
  11. We are an awfully coached team

    Well, maybe he's crap and needs to be replaced. And if the manager doesn't see it and insists on keeping him, then he should be replaced himself. Seriously, I find it annoying when people talk about the likes of Carrick and McKenna They are very young coaches and we have no idea how good they...
  12. We are an awfully coached team

    Who says Carrick is a yes man? He may have a different view from the manager, but at the end of the day it is the manager who decides how we play. It wil not change if we bring in someone else. Unless the manager is open for updating himself.
  13. We are an awfully coached team

    So who decides the lineup? The subs? Tactical changes during the game? There's a difference between getting some help to being dependent on others. A manager cannot be someone who needs others to hold his hand.
  14. We are an awfully coached team

    Obviously there's always some dependency on your top players being fit and in form, no matter what system you use or how much you depend on it. But I believe it's worse for a non-systematic team. Anyway, I wouldn't take Liverpool's last season as evidence to the weakness of the system. They...
  15. We are an awfully coached team

    Actually, I beg to differ. I believe systems in general - and Liverpool's in particular - allow you to use weaker players but still maintain a structure that the team can operate on. Obviously it's not perfect and there's still dependency on the quality of players... Like when you lose all your...