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  1. Harry Kane | Tells Spurs he wants to leave

    Who is going to pay a a monster fee though? It'll take 120/150 million to sign him. Levy doesn't have to sell
  2. Harry Kane | Tells Spurs he wants to leave

    While that's true I don't think RvP had that much longevity? And he was nightly professional and not reliant on pace at all.
  3. Hodgson to leave Palace at the end of the season

    Do you have a lot of money to spend right now? Where would Palace lie on the PL wealth scale these days? I don't think you've spend much over the last 5 years or so and the club has been in the top flight for quite awhile now. New manager to have a decent kitty to spend?
  4. Hodgson to leave Palace at the end of the season

    That's incredible
  5. Is Jadon Sancho really worth the 100 plus million fee?

    I'm sure there are many. Definitely Sancho for me. He will own the wings for the coming decade. And his best years are yet to come.
  6. Mason Mount

    Cheers. My early take on Mount was that he was unfairly judged (at least here) as some mediocre skilled footballer, and that he looked a much more exciting talent than he was given credit for. Looking at the whole Grealish Vs Mount Vs Maddison thread, you'd think he had no ability on the ball...
  7. Mason Mount

    He's been that good huh? What are his stats for the season?
  8. McTominay - what’s his potential?

    He's been class for them. Got great feet. People think Livepool winning the title means you don't need good CMs but their midfield was actually very good. Either way, a far cry from McFred and their clumsiness, at least when they were winning. underrate
  9. Virgil van Dijk | Performances

    Great summary. Kompany was a really superb defender but I think Vidic was a step above. And I don't believe he gets the credit he deserves as he was so aggressive at attacking the ball which contrasted with the style of Rio so much, and hence put himself constantly in the line of fire.
  10. McFred is the worst midfield 2 of the PL’s top 10 teams

    Random but was thinking if we had to spread play to one of the flanks, how confident would one be in McFred getting that right? We used to bemoan Rooney constantly playing it early to Valencia but it's something I believe I wouldn't trust our current CMs to pull off consistently. Pogba is...
  11. Manchester united are interested in Botman

    He needs to give us the signal
  12. McTominay - what’s his potential?

    Yeah mate I do :(
  13. Top 4 race / race abandoned (or maybe not) / Leicester & Chelsea in the process of bottling it

    It would be nice but City winning old big ears would be even worse. Hence Chelsea all the way for that one! But I can't see Chelsea winning the final. They'll get top 4 and that's it.
  14. Harry Kane | Tells Spurs he wants to leave

    Hope we go for Sancho instead
  15. McTominay - what’s his potential?

    I don't think it's that rare. Wijnaldum for example at Liverpool is miles better technically than Mctominay and worked hard enough to be make the press work. We won the league with Cleverley under Sir Alex. Giggs at 80 is twice the player Mctominay will ever be. And Leicester is a freak season...