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    I did that transfer already. To avoid potential price drop. And i will stick with Sterling. Kdb doesn't look good this year
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    Bamford and Dallas failed me. feckers. 70 points. Meh...
  • Ddg was captain one game (while Young was still here) and then he said something after the game and he lost it.
  • 1/6, 1/4 etc...i understood that it is good/bad signing ratio. My bad. But as i said, i don't think that his signing record was bad.
  • Yeah, 3rd place trophy and 3 semi finals trophies are better. Not to mention nearly rescued Cardiff from relegation trophy
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    I know i know...what can i say? But at least i know that i am deluded :D
  • Well, that manager will get his next job based on his accomplishments. Our got his job based on clear nepotism. He refused Monaco and Benfica this summer. Ole will beg Molde to get him back
  • I never accepted Harry as captain. And it doesn't have anything about his plqying qualities or something else. He is just not a captain material. Doesn't have that aura around him, personality. Same feeling i had with Gary Neville. But Bruno is...
  • Bloody hell. So you are saying: That Dier and Davies are bad signings? Sanchez? Llorente? Aurier? You write off already Lo celso and Ndobele? But Maguire and AWB are success? VDB after 90 minutes of play is success? Cavani and Telles without...
  • You know that Poch wasn't some minor club player and that he also won stuff? Not as much as Ole of course but he won stuff. But nevertheless importance of that thing about what he did as a player is mostly rubbish. Maradona is the goat (maybe)...
  • Wait, wait, wait....yes, i must reply again to you. Don't want but i must. :) You don't want Poch because he has not won anything (which is his flaw, i admit) but you defend failed Cardiff manager who only won Norway league and it was 10 years...
  • Both signed new long term contracts few months ago with huge pay rise. Coincidence?
  • Kept us in game with that save and few other minor saves. But he is new Lindelof now. People blamed him for that goal. It is rubbish. He did everything right there. Went for that cross/pass and was caught on wrong foot. Dave is still the best.
  • Don't want to lose him but he is getting on my nerves now. His problem that from the start we were his plan B. And he never was 100% in his head commited. And that is why he never reached peak form here (except in first season under Jose). Don't...
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    Lost two clean sheets today in 90th minute. Justin and Mitchell. Bad luck. But 60 points with Bamford, Dallas and taylor still to play. Come on Leeds