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  1. Victor Lindelöf | 2020/21 Performances

    Another flawless display. Werner will toy with him people said...yeah, right.
  2. Paul Pogba | 2020/21 Performances

    From 90mil midfielder to being substitute to Scott Mctominay. Who is at fault? Him? Manager? I don't know but keeping him on the bench is not long term solution. He has ability to be our best player. If he can't or doesn't want to be that then time to sell him in january.
  3. Would you sack or keep Ole? (Poll reopened)

    But how then you can justify this shit. In your era (and mine) we were dominant side. Always. Our setup was to dominate teams and many players said that they would be scared already in tunnel. Today, despite we have pretty good team, opposition comes at OT without any fear and they attack us...
  4. Ole Gunnar Solskjær | 2020/21 Discussion

    Only some "die hard" fans can't see it. Journos, pundits, other managers, oppo fans saw that long time ago. Today there was a long article (not on English so i can't post it) with detailed stats which show how is he in fact (i quote) poor man's Mourinho. This is not the way forward. He said many...
  5. Bruno, Fred, McT

    Tbf, i trust those two enough. But i trust Fred as dmc too. Why we should play with 2 holding midfielders? And why we should play in 433 formation? There are so many options to rotate.
  6. Ole Gunnar Solskjær | 2020/21 Discussion

    If Psg game was masterclass (and it was) then today he failed. Wrong formation, wrong lineup and wrong approach. Why go back with 4231 with so many other options? Why the hell is he so obsessed with that winger formation? Ditch it, ffs. You don't have wingers and it doesn't work. On top of that...
  7. Scott McTominay | 2020/21 Performances

    He is our problem, not solution for regular starter. Yes, he works hard, tackles, fight..all good to see but his contribution to our attacking play is zero. Maybe in playing with 5 midfielders that would not be an issue but in 433 he is man less in that midfield.
  8. Harry Maguire | 2020/21 Performances

    Pretty good today. Except penalty incident, he did everything great
  9. Would you sack or keep Ole? (Poll reopened)

    Moyes esque after City game or Jose after Sevilla. Pathetic really.
  10. Bruno, Fred, McT

    Fred and McT are too much. Fred is enough. McT offers nothing except defensive part and it is not the way forward if you are Man Utd (unless we play diamond)
  11. Would you sack or keep Ole? (Poll reopened)

    You don't understand me. When our results are shit then excuse is "look at the future and look at big picture". Big picture is that he is clearly building defensive, counter attacking team whos main goal is to kill opposition play and punish them from counter or set piece. Is that what we want...
  12. What is Dan James good at?

    Amazing how he can kill attacks. Has wide open space to run past player and use his (allegedly) great pace but he cuts inside. 3 times today (basically everything what he did in 60 minutes)
  13. Would you sack or keep Ole? (Poll reopened)

    When i think about it, lets be positive and make another Ole thread. "Whoop, whoop, cleen sheet against Chelsea. Progress".
  14. Would you sack or keep Ole? (Poll reopened)

    So we are now happy because we shut down Chelsea at OT and won a point. Shouldn't be other way around? Squad quality is not excuse anymore. We have quality squad now. And our manager decided to put quality players on bench and to go with "hard working" team in a home game where 3 points would...
  15. Would you sack or keep Ole? (Poll reopened)

    He is defensive manager. I don't mind having defensive manager who brings results but how anyone can claim that Ole is attacking manager? Even Mourinho is more attacking minded than him.