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  1. Cole, Sheringham, Solskjaer and Yorke

    Cole Cole Cole. ( how the hell Ole is bigger legend than him for some of you?). And i am not biased here. Among those 4 he scored most goals, had most assists and imo he was technically the best from that 4.
  2. Watching old football matches

    Croatia- England World cup just now on our national TV. :drool:
  3. Top 3 United goals. 1989 - Present

    All of these :wenger: :drool: . And btw @red4ever 79, Andy had better lob goals than Eric. :devil: How i miss this guy. What a striker. So so underrated in his era
  4. Transfer Record Under Ole

    I read that often but why do you think that? James doesn't have good cross/low pass. Just in last few games he was in situation to just make low cross to player in the middle and he didn't manage to do that. James is overrated here because he is type of a player who has great working rate and...
  5. Top 3 United goals. 1989 - Present

    Yeah, i was thinking on that goal too. And those counters between Rooney and Ronaldo against Bolton and Arsenal
  6. Transfer Record Under Ole

    Fernandes is top signing. AWB despite huge flaw in going forward is very good signing with potential to be top signing. Ighalo is excellent short term signing. Maguire is solid signing but that is it. I am sorry but i can't ignore fee. We spent 80 mil on only slight upgrade in what we had. Too...
  7. Top 3 United goals. 1989 - Present

    1. Rooney vs City 2. Cole- Yorke vs Barca 3. Smith vs Roma. Best team goal ever for me.
  8. Idiotic Sales Post Fergie

    1. Nani. He could have played few more seasons. Even maybe in first 11. 2.- 3. Depay and Zaha. Depay never got second chance. Zaha didn't even get first chance. 4. Blind. Good backup option Others were not United material and only thing which we could have done better is to get more money...
  9. Liverpool - Premier League champions 19/20 Season*

    What? When?
  10. Potential Winners/Losers of the Euro 2020 delay

    Croatia loser. Rakitic, Perisic and Modric will be one year older and who knows will they play next year. England clear winner because of Kane and Rashford obviously
  11. Pick your united flop 11

    Barthez, Heinze, Lukaku, Hargreaves...are not flops. Come on people. Bebe is flop. Obertan is flop. Schneiderlin is flop. But players who were solid but didn't justify hype are not flops. As @Annihilate Now! perfectly said. And Veron?? How is he a flop ffs?
  12. Nani

    My type of a winger. Skill, pace, shoots with both feet, excellent technique. 7 years later he is still not replaced. Unbelievable
  13. Jesse Lingard | 2019/20 Performances

    This is pretty old stuff but we all need something for laugh these days. Anyway Lingard managed to make offside here. He just doesn't like to have ball much in his feet, isn't he?
  14. United v Chelsea 2006-2008

    2009 they should have played final of LP against us. But Uefalona was too strong. That day my hate towards Barca started. Shame about that. I am pretty confident that we would have won another CL if we played against them.
  15. Liverpool - Premier League champions 19/20 Season*

    It is really annoying how media and pundits just say "Give them a title" and that is it. Without any explanation. How? What do to with other clubs? Is it ok legally? Is it fair? Is it by the rules? Nevermind all that, league is all about Liverpool. They MUST get a title. feck rules, logic...