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  1. Should we sell David De Gea?

    De gea is one of the best gk in the world( feel free to name 5 gk who are clearly better than him ) and you all want to sell him because he is not in De God mode anymore and because we have solid backup in Henderson? Bloody hell. We need new midfielder, new winger and new left back but you want...
  2. Unpopular opinion - Daniel James is not very good

    From all big clubs only United will buy technically limited (average) winger.
  3. Anthony Martial | 2019/20 Performances

    I agree with that. But it is not just players around him. Our setup is too defensive. Watch closely situations when he gets the ball. He gets it on 30 m from goal( on the left or in the middle) and he has only one player for pass. Other players are too static. On the other hand if he is in...
  4. Harry Maguire | 2019/20 Performances
    Threadmarks: Brugge 1:1 Man Utd

    He looks far better in back 3 and i am starting to change my opinion about him. But his reactions when he is in open space with attacker are still awful. He is too often beat one on one against attacker. If you are not quick then you must change approach to those situations and position yourself...
  5. Bruno Fernandes | 2020 Performances

    I am not a fan who praises every new signing and i don't like any of our summer signings( except maybe AWB). But Bruno is the real deal. You can see class in his every move. He will be excellent signing. One of those players who makes every player around him better
  6. Brandon Williams is better than Luke Shaw

    I will just repeat what i said when this thread was created. No he is not. He is (still) far far away from Shaw. In defence they are day and light and in attack Williams is much more involved but without final product.
  7. Anthony Martial | 2019/20 Performances

    I always laugh when fans trash him during the game when we sit deep and he gets only few balls and it is on 30m from goal. He is, at least for me, excellent modern striker. But he, like every other striker, needs team to create something for him and play attacking football. In our current game...
  8. Ole Gunnar Solskjær | Permanent manager

    I give you Lingard but others would be first 11 players there. Lets not overreact here
  9. Ole Gunnar Solskjær | Permanent manager

    The most fun part this weak on Caf for me was during Spurs-Leipzig game when lots of posters said ; "Thank God that we don't watch this shit football anymore". Oh, the irony there
  10. Ole Gunnar Solskjær | Permanent manager

    You think that Watford is easy game for us? At OT where we need to create something and not just sitting deep and waiting some lucky goal?
  11. Club Brugge vs Manchester United

    80 mil for Maguire is the most ridiculous transfer ever.
  12. Club Brugge vs Manchester United

    Spot on
  13. Club Brugge vs Manchester United

    I never underestimate clubs from weaker leagues but i doubt that Brugge would avoid relegation in PL.
  14. Club Brugge vs Manchester United

    Lingard is so so shit.
  15. Club Brugge vs Manchester United