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  1. Lisandro Martinez

    People find a fault with literally every player we're interested in and then pick at that fault relentlessly
  2. Frenkie de Jong

    Aren't people bored of being miserable and repeating this rubbish yet. It's obvious at this point that he is happy to join
  3. Tyrell Malacia

  4. Frenkie de Jong

    What does long term ruin matter compared to swinging their massive knob around and showing the world they are still brilliant because they've signed Lewandolski? Priorities!
  5. Can Conte win a title for Spurs?…

    Not unless Pep and Klopp leave and City & Liverpool implode in the next couple years. Even then I'd fancy us to place higher with Ten Hag
  6. Tyrell Malacia

    What I take from it is that we need a new scouting team, not that we should stop signing promising young players for low fees
  7. Frenkie de Jong

    There's been significant progress as we've now agreed a fee
  8. Donny van de Beek | 2021/22 Performances

    Think he'll prove to be a useful player now we have a competent manager who knows how to use him
  9. Frenkie de Jong

    Can't beat a bit of drama right before a transfer is finalised
  10. Would you be happy if this is our Starting 11 against Brighton?

    I have full confidence in Ten Hag, so if we bring in all his primary targets and that's the team he chooses to start with, that's fine with me
  11. Lisandro Martinez

    Well butter my arse. Great news
  12. Frenkie de Jong

    I remember lurking on here years back and some of the transfer threads were great, especially when there were a couple posters who created funny gifs (guys called Codex and Ole or something similar) We could do with more of that
  13. Lisandro Martinez

    We're not messing about.
  14. Is a fit in-form Jones ahead of Maguire?

    A decade later we're still hearing hypothetical questions relating to whether Jones can stay fit. Really hope we can find a buyer for him this summer