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  1. Gay footballers

    I don't understand any of this, I couldn't care less what people do in their spare time, I find it odd that it's even a subject spoken about, why do they feel the need to "Come out" or all this other stuff, I don't come out as straight, I just live my life, it's sad there have been people/...
  2. Luke Shaw | 2021/22 Performances

    There is a common link between him being overweight and his form declining but I don't see any weight gain personally his form is just awful, my thoughts are that last season he played too much compared to what he had previously.
  3. Luke Shaw | 2021/22 Performances

    Not great for England the other night, been poor this season generally, wonder what his issue is, perhaps just needs a rest?
  4. Leicester City vs Manchester United

    First game Rashford is available for isn't it? That's quite exciting
  5. Post match vs Villarreal

    Why did we ever do away with the player ratings thread? I used to love some of the descriptions people gave and found it interesting how people rated the players, I thought other than Dalot being awful, Ronnie & Greenwood weren't great but the rest did well, including Lindelof who seems to get...
  6. Manchester United vs Villarreal

    Shame we abandoned the 4222 from last season, we have 2 great strikers and the wide men aren't playing well right now... Sounds like it could work to me
  7. Manchester United vs Villarreal

    Did you mean to predict Sancho as a wing back? That would be a huge mistake for me... I don't know why we would suddenly try 5 at the back in a game we need to win, seems odd, if anything I'd like to see it be kept a bit more narrow where our wingers aren't setting the world alight, the 4-2-2-2...
  8. Jadon Sancho | 2021/22 Performances

    I think he's playing it safe right now to help him bed in, give him a couple more games and he will become more himself.
  9. Ole Gunnar Brainfart

    Isn't this the "Make a sub Ole" thread all over again?
  10. West Ham United vs Manchester United

    Do we know when injured players are back roughly? Didn't know when Mctom is due back? I think Rashford is out for another 6/7 weeks still...
  11. Astroturf pitches

    I don't understand it, could be wrong but aren't there requirements for lower leagues to get certain pitch types/ qualities before they can even move up leagues in the FA? Not sure how they get away with it..
  12. Diogo Dalot | 2021/22 Performances

    I think he would really benefit with some playing rhythm, his career for us has been so stop/ start, has he ever played 2 in a row? I think he could be an asset after watching him last year for Country and Serie A, looks a tidy player
  13. Donny van de Beek | 2021/22 Performances

    Was decent enough, not physical or defensive enough to play in a 2 in the PL for me but he did OK last night
  14. Why did Ole prioritise a CB over a DM?

    I think we wanted a DM over a CB but Varane was available and no top DM was, we have rushed to buy the wrong players before and it was a sensible decision.