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  1. Rate our current Transfer window

    The club watch our two biggest rivals clean up domestically and in Europe and the fruits of our rebuild is to keep useless stale deadwood from SAF era and sign 2 defenders and a unproven championship winger. Disgusting!
  2. Rate our current Transfer window

    Until the whole of OT are in green and gold, and/or boycott games, make a stand together nothing will ever be done unfortunately. For the glazers and Woodward, its business as usual.
  3. Rate our current Transfer window

    What makes you think the same midfielders and strikers, less Lukaku will do any different this season than last? We’ve only added a championship winger ( who looks decent in pre season )?
  4. Rate our current Transfer window

    Agree with all this!
  5. Rate our current Transfer window

    Why do OGS and some of our own fans think Rashford and Martial can fire us into the top 4 this season when they couldn’t last season? I mean, I really rate them, but OGS relying on Greenwood as back up/additional firepower is a dangerous risk when not replacing Lukaku? I thought we would of...
  6. Jesse Lingard | 2018/19 Performances

    If only we gave him half as much stick as we did Nani! Oh wait, he’s the United DNA and he gets a by. Karel Poborsky was better than Lingard and I remember the shit he got :lol:
  7. Pogba apologises to fans after Cardiff

    The irony is people cheered Ashley Young throughout the game. :lol:
  8. Things we learned from Liverpool

    As Gary Neville said, the very first thing we should have here at United is, 11 players who run 90minutes and care about the club. Whether they’re world class players or sunday league players, we don’t even have 11 players who play for the badge at the moment. For example I’d rather see Chong...
  9. Predict the United first team 2019/20

    Seeing this 11 start next season could make an onion cry. Shocking!
  10. New Kits 2019-20

    Designed, post Thanos!
  11. Virgil van Dijk | Performances

    Perfect summary! Now lets all move on.
  12. What would be an acceptable offer for Pogba?

    Nothing. “ I stay, I stay “
  13. Liverpool fans being idiots in Barca, to the surprise of nobody

    The fact you’re on this forum, and having a Decent debate/conversation tells me you’re one of the very few decent Liverpool fans and I take my hat off to you, however the vast majority of LFC fans are total delusional pieces of shit!
  14. Liverpool fans being idiots in Barca, to the surprise of nobody

    The people here defending the Liverpool fans by saying “ every club has them” :lol::lol::lol:
  15. Liverpool fans being idiots in Barca, to the surprise of nobody

    Just how embarrassing and pathetic is it that the game hasn’t even kicked off yet and Liverpool F.C has to release a statement about its fans in Europe once again. I get every club, including ours have feckers for fans but this is Liverpool through and through.