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  • Couldn't have said it better myself, mate!
  • A nidfielder who doesn't want to get on the ball and make things happen is not a Manchester United CM. I am tired of seeing him start so many games.
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    Juanfield should be a good word said about him. It is a weird take to say the style is out of date, considering how dominant City and Pep are. LVGs issue was his execution was too rigid and led to a stale version, much in the same way Jose might...
  • Me neither, a lot of hyperbole in here. He came into a situation where even our captain kept hoofing the ball off. He showed adventure and he definitely has technique on the ball but it is hard for someone who gets such little consistent playing...
  • :lol:Says it all about what the lad needs to do to impress folks.
  • I used to joke that the Arsenal players were doing something much worse than blowing their noses on each other's shirts... :wenger:
  • Didn't Luckhurst previously say that Rice wants United more than United want Rice? Now he's our number one target? I hope not, to be honest.
  • True, but sometimes it is true as mentioned by others in here. New example, Yaya vs Kolo.
  • Exactly this, no midfield can look good in a 424 formation. The gaps were too large and options were limited to having to play the ball over the top.
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    Comedy gold. Not sure I've ever seen a pundit so triggered by a specific player likr Graeme with Pogba. Absurd that he is even insinuating Pogba wanted to do him.
  • Way too far forward all the time which limits our passing options from midfield. He needs to be in those pockets of space and muck in more with the midfield especially when we are being overrun. It was basically 424 formation at times.
  • It's similar to how cheesy movies or absurd action films with unintentional funny moments worked well in the 80s and 90s but not so much now. Everything is almost too serious and clean cut.
  • How would they register Fred?
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    At first I read it as though he wanted a cheeseburger but take out the burger and keep the cheese. I have actually known a vegetarian who would order that at McDonald's :lol: