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  1. Film The Redcafe Movie review thread

    We'll revisit in a couple years.
  2. Books The BOOK thread

    I recently read Jim Thompson's Pop.1280 which is about 180 ages. Hilarious, cynical and depraved crime novel. His other books all seem to be pretty short and nasty too. Also read Gerald Murnane's The Plains which blew my mind, but is much more philosophical/allegorical.
  3. Film The Redcafe Movie review thread

    She is a large Marge.
  4. Film The Redcafe Movie review thread

    She is a large Australian actress. Has been in a number of good things: Widows, The Night Manager, The Tale, MacBeth. She's a babe.
  5. Film The Redcafe Movie review thread

    I knew that sounded familiar.
  6. Books The BOOK thread

    Has anyone read any Jim Thompson?
  7. Film The Redcafe Movie review thread

    I think Marriage Story would have been better if it didn't worry about creating a balance - there doesn't need to be one, nor should divorce necessarily be a point scoring exercise - but Baumbach seems aware of it, as he introduces an unnecessary infidelity to try and even the scales. I also...
  8. Film The Redcafe Movie review thread

    Little Women - Gerwig is already an incredibly assured filmmaker and this is a well-told, handsome adaptation of a story I don't really care much for. Love me some Florence Pugh and Chris Cooper has a great low-key performance in this too. Can't fault it but didn't love it.
  9. Books The BOOK thread

    Great book. I need to read 52 this year just to clear my shelf. I buy faster than I read. If I could match @dumbo prodigious 2019 effort I could square the ledger by about October. Have also instituted a ban on buying for a while.
  10. Books The BOOK thread

    I've had a good run recently. Last three books I've read - Beloved by Toni Morrison, The Year of Magical Thinking and The Plains by Gerald Murnane - have all been terrific. The Plains has kind of blown my mind. Aiming to read 52 books year, already three down so off to a good start. Currently on...
  11. Television Ricky Gervais' Golden Globes Speech

    Surely after his third appearance its clear it doesn't bother the celebs as much as people like to think. He's exactly as vapid as most of them, and more than some of them.
  12. Film Top 5 films of 2019

    With 5 hours to go: 1. Pain and Glory 2. Once Upon A Time in Hollywood 3. Parasite 4. Portrait of a Lady on Fire 5. Beach Bum If Uncut Gems had been released here I'm sure it would be in there. Honourable mentions to: Midsommar, Irishman, Marriage Story
  13. Film The Redcafe Movie review thread

    Corey Stoll playing Buzz as a prick teases the possibility of a much better film. The space stuff really is as good as I've seen though.
  14. Television The Mandalorian - TV Show

    The episode with Gina Carano is some Kevin Sorbo Adventures of Hercules bullshit. This show sucks. Baby Yoda is wonderful though.
  15. Film The Redcafe Movie review thread

    A film I enjoyed in the cinema but had already completely forgotten on the car trip home. Couldn't recall anything from it within minutes.