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  1. Gaming Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout (PC, PS4/4th August) | "Free" game on PS+, "Takeshi's Castle in a video game"

    This game is brilliant :D bagged 2 wins today one was a very lucky group pile on to grab the tail and the 2nd was an epic triumph on Fall Mountain
  2. Other Joe Rogan

    Probably best to be stoned listening to this one :lol:
  3. Gaming Ghost of Tsushima (PS4)

    I'm loving this so far. fecking with the Mongols in the Haunted Forest is great :D
  4. The Trump Presidency

    He looks like a duvet cover, stuffed with pillows, moulded into something resembling the shape of a human then they stuffed it into a fecking suit.
  5. Gaming The RedCafe General/Random Gaming Chat Thread

    Aye I managed to recover them easily enough doing a few tours of the flooded crab woods part. That's the most I'd lost though up until that point it seemed like a pretty big task to recoup all those. Worst thing is I could have went to the shrine after beating the Abyss Watchers boss and cashed...
  6. Gaming The RedCafe General/Random Gaming Chat Thread

    Playing Dark Souls 3. 35,000 souls lost in the Catacombs of CarthASS to a big writhing ball of arms and legs. Sorry, but I just needed to share this news with someone... anyone. :o I am ded
  7. Gaming The RedCafe General/Random Gaming Chat Thread

    Started playing Dark Souls 3 last week after getting it for £11.99 on PSN :drool: and it's great so far. Much prefer it to DS2 which I just couldn't get into at all. I started 2 just after finishing Bloodborne and found the combat clunky and the world far less interesting but this seems much...
  8. Gaming The Last of Us Part II (PS4)

    I was thinking, I would love to play it again but the events going in chronological order (obviously with the flashbacks in their original place) with Ellies
  9. FIFA Packs/Loot Crates and Gambling

    Yeah and your club has a limit on how much you can spend per season, if you win your respective league or get into top 4/promoted your limit goes up for the next season if you spend more than your limit then the EA FFP can exclude you from competitions or free giveaways for a little more time...
  10. Gaming The Last of Us Part II (PS4)

    Nah that's absolute bollocks. One of the first reviews I watched on embargo day was a very negative one. The same reviewer is currently playing Ghost of Tsushima, another PlayStation exclusive.
  11. Gaming PS5 vs Xbox Series X

    I think people need to get ready for game price increases next gen, games have been largely the same price for at least 20 years now and the cost of making them is rising. Something has to give, this is also why the subscription based model is being explored since last gen.
  12. Gaming The Last of Us Part II (PS4)

    Indeed, the reaction to the leaked scenes showed alot of crying gamer bro's & YouTuber's up on where they actually stand on these issues, because if you actually play the game you see the context on Abby's physique.This is where playing a game before you judge it comes in handy.
  13. NonceUponATimeInEpsteinAndAndyLand

    Prince Andrew will be sweating tonight.