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  1. Revival - Eminem Album | Also Kamikaze

    Didn't Eminem donate a lot of money or fundraise towards The victims and their families in the aftermath? He's been referencing tragedies throughout his career, this is nothing new.
  2. Revival - Eminem Album | Also Kamikaze

    Got to about halfway on my way into work today, seems decent so far the first track Godzilla and Darkness the standouts so far. Mac Miller's posthumous album also dropped today so looking forward to that, I absolutely loved Swimming.
  3. Astronomy/Space Exploration 17 year old NASA intern discovers a new Tatooine-like planet on his third day.
  4. MOTD 2019/20

    Murphy Should have been sacked for his Xhaka comments earlier in the week. He's choc full of terrible opinions.
  5. Recommend some good stand-up comedians

    Anthony Jeselnik is really good he has two specials on Netflix, check them out. His humour can get a bit dark though so if yer into that definitely give him a watch.
  6. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

    Anyone know of any good youtube tutorials that cover all the basics? I've still to play Blood & Wine and watching the show has made me want to finish it. I haven't played it in years though.
  7. Get rid of VAR NOW! We want our game back! (...or not, some are happy)

    Excellent thread, it seems like the solution to the marginal offsides is going to have to be very well thought out do that it doesn't have a number of knock on issues.
  8. How to fix VAR “offsides”?

    They just need to introduce a margain of error on the defenders line of, say 1 yard for example, if the attacking players line is beyond the defenders line then there is a clear and obvious error that can be corrected.
  9. Premier League Festive Season

    I know it's worked in our favour there but Something really needs to be done for next year about these marginal offsides, maybe introduce a margain of error between frames of the player kicking the ball and have it on the defenders line to give the forward the benefit of the doubt. For all the...
  10. Premier League Festive Season

    One pixel offside :lol:
  11. Death Stranding (Out Now on PS4, PC Summer 2020)

    I think a lot of the zip lines don't get liked because they are merely go-betweens that people only use to zip to the next one and so on, and don't get off the thing to hand out likes. If a zip line gets used It should get an automatic like imo.
  12. Death Stranding (Out Now on PS4, PC Summer 2020)

    Completed it tonight, thought the last bunch of chapters were brilliant, very well done emotional payoff. Everything plot & story-wise was nicely tied up (in this games own weird way). And yet I'd still hesitate to recommend it to friends unless I knew for sure they'd click with it, the main...
  13. Donald Trump - Senate "Trial" Underway

    It's entirely possible that once the senate cashes him a get out of jail free card he'll feel untouchable and commit even more and even worse impeachable offences.
  14. Club World Cup 2019 | Liverpool World Champions

    Some of the tackles flying in during that other semi final were pretty tasty :nervous: