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  • You would think that they had been tested before and the Palace players have probably been tested. But I was referring to the schedule not how the Virus is wreaking havoc, that in it self is known.
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    You know they might actually be the best sides.. Not the greatest teams but having tremendous seasons. But it's a good point you make but I think personally that the matches are much better and the quality is in large part better. Do I think the...
  • This won't be an issue, Newcastle sit still this weekend and play next weekend then the FA fits that Replay on Wednesday the week after. No biggy.
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    It's a clear penalty.. Fully agree with this.
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    Never know what you will get with this team so who knows?
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    They don't, they were missing two of their best players against us. Hard working, well drilled and well organized. RH is a very good manager and they are a good team.
  • Apparently it was a Latin sign of friendliness.
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    I agree with this. The difference is that the mediocre teams are much better than in the 90's and 00's and the leagues are much stronger even in Spain this seems to be the case. Most games are competitive now and in general the margins are much...
  • Not that I want to start a discussions regarding this but banning heading isn't that a bit I don't know strange? People have died on the pitch because their heart failed. Should we ban running too? It's a contract sport and should be treated as...
  • You know that both Pogba and Rashford wouldn't have played as many games as they did in a normal season right? All the games Rashford played after middle of January were because the season for postponed. Pogba was injured 1.sept and is still...
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    This and the freekick Vs Istanbul were both ok but they were both savable. Even if DDG might still be better on the line Henderson for me has the better all around game. Nothing against DDG and he has been a good servant I think his time as an...
  • He didn't follow people around for the whole games yelling this into their ears constantly? He did this to someone who wrote onto his Instagram account so there is a bit off a difference.
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    He has done plenty to suggest that this isn't a one off happening from him. If Henderson gets couple of games and manages to keep it solid he will surely get a chance.
  • You could add a couple of more duds to that list over the years.
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    Remember loving his style with Senegal at the WC. RIP