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  • Again it's the managers responsibility to find a way to use his players to the best of their abilities. Let's not pretend that this is a new problem, it was way before Ronaldo came back.
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    Love Mo Salah as a player and he seems a nice bloke too. His form is off the charts though. Glad we ain´t playing them again soon.
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    This season yes. Our top defenders are playing like they have been taken over by a 45 year old FIFA player. Ole seems to be totally lost how to fix this.
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    His legacy is that he is starting to look like he has been penetrated by the ghosts of past successes. Grey and gloomy I tell you.
  • We haven't kept a clean sheet in 20 games teams that can't defend never win shit. Like Scholes said we will get found out playing against better teams. Sad thing is that many will try to point out that it is still early season. But the truth is...
  • 2 of 5 worst PL defeats have come under Ole and he has only been here 3 years. This surely has got to end here top 4 is under a threat under him and we seem rudderless. Our defense looks like it was thrown together by Ted Lasso.
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    Embarrassed is the word I would like to use but I was prepared for this after the Atalanta game. Better opponents so the results were predictable to say the least.
  • LVG and Mourinho were shit choices. Hopefully we have some idea now what we are and will hire a manager that could fit that mould and work with the players we got.
  • He looks beat. He is trying so hard that he is always in the way.
  • He won't get past Tottenham
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    Anyone on that list would do for me.
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    That's how you feel knowing Harry is infront of you..
  • What did Ole say in the beginning? Build a team around him and all that. He is now paying him back
  • Pogba needs to go with Ole. Ole took a bet on him and he threw him under the bus. They deserve each other.
  • Needs to be benched and the band needs to be taken off him.