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  • Can't stress enough on the subs he's making early last few games. Today' subs changed the game for us completely.
  • Unfortunately football doesn't work that way. Else we'd be current PL and CL champions for the wages we pay.
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    First half both the teams were edgy and then when the game moved on we pinned them back and created quite a few chances to put them to sword. Ddg didn't have to make a save. Would've been great if we won but not the worst result.
  • Hero On and Off the field. We're lucky we have him at our club that too no where close to his prime years.
  • Leader, captain , talisman . Basically heartbeat of the team.
  • Very happy for him. The most natural of our set of defenders he is. Made defending look so easy and that's a trademark of a good defender.
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    Tactics were spot on. Kudos to Ole
  • Bald fraud running with the story
  • We aren't getting fegie back , so whats the point discussing how it was back then. The man could win the league with 11 blocks of wood. There is lot of levels between Sancho who's our top priority and Pellistri. Going from one to other is just...
  • Dormund's stance didnt' change from day 1 did it? It's not like they were going back and forth with the transfer fee. It was always been 120m or nothing. A good board would either go ahead and get the deal done like Chelsea did with Havertz or...
  • We don't even know if he'd go into the first team or play u23 yet. Are we sure we went into the summer window thinking Tarore would be our #1 signing for our right wing?
  • I'm not going to absolve Ole of blame and if results don't turn around he would be and should be let go. But coming to the original point, we cannot absolve the board of the horrendous transfer window.
  • We have been tracking Sancho for best part of 6 months and the entire time his price was constant at 120m Euros. If we could not afford him, then why were we trying for him till the last week of the window and panic sign couple of unknown RW...
  • Agree with the wage bill, but our commercial and sponsorship revenue alone trounces them multiple times though. We should not even be dining in the same table as those guys.