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  1. Signing players from Relegated sides

    Buendia's chance creating stats are top 2 teams quality. Statistically he is the best of the teams in relaxation battles.
  2. Transfer Tweets - 2019/20 | Check the OP for blacklisted sources before posting

    Arsenal getting Luiz is some good business work done by the club. Not only gaining a defender but taking a rival club down a tiny notch. And the proximity of the clubs allowed it to be left till the last day. Separately, Spurs ending their chase of bruno is also good for us.
  3. Sean Longstaff

    Newcastle are justified to price him out of a move. Unfortunately they've also put unnecessary pressure on the young lad. Wan bisaka was on several metrics argubly one of the best right backs in the league. Unfortunately Longstaff is a long way down the pecking order when it comes to central...
  4. Sean Longstaff

    Foden's introduction did little to a City team who are all dominating anyway. And he was not a consistent starter. Longstaff came in and it coincided with Newcastle hoovering up the points. If you start the Premier league with Longstaff's full match debut and end it with his injury, Newcastle...
  5. 100m budget for 2019 Summer window

    I would argue it was definitively proved false when we bid £70m for Maguire.
  6. What is worth? What is value? What is £10m?

    Worth = (Buying team Want * Need) * Player Postion Benchmark * English tax * Premier League proven tax * commercial value * performance index * player motivation * (Selling team Want * Need) * level of competition * financial revenue * champions league place * chance of winning trophy * manager...
  7. Matthijs de Ligt / signs for Juventus, lowering their average age to 56

    Seeing as we're talking to Raiola anyway about Pogba, he might as well make good with Old Trafford and bring in De Ligt for us.
  8. Harry Maguire | Signed

    £30 million in 2002 is about £51m today. That's just pound's value accounting for inflation. Football market rates are a bit different of course.
  9. Sean Longstaff

    A lot of great players just haven't worked at Man Utd. The same can be said of every other club. Football director Paul Mitchell seems to have a midas touch, but for most managers, directors, head scouts, head of recruitment, in most places it's the same deal. This includes much lauded clubs...
  10. Reddit ITKs

    If we're buying Alderweireld by the weekend, why are we bidding this week on Maguire? Has anyone asked that yet? If so what was the response?
  11. Transfer Tweets - 2019/20 | Check the OP for blacklisted sources before posting

    By that logic Luke Shaw should be the best paid player, or one of the top paid players. And Sanchez the lowest. De Gea was very poor at the end and would have been dropped had there not been injuries. His performance hasn't merited a pay rise let alone a huge one. I think the board should...
  12. Sean Longstaff

    OGS's Utd team were third best in the league, if the starting mark were placed when he took over. My guess is that OGS is optimistically targeting roughly double that next season at 80 points. To do that, I think they should target 3 key areas: * Score more * Conceed less * Improve work rate...
  13. John McGinn

    I wonder how people would have reacted if it was Jack Grealish instead?
  14. Press Gossip - 2020

    This is no rumour. He said so himself in an recent interview. The interview was very long and the Utd mention brief. He was talking about being diligent and how his company has never had a failure, in light of their newly announced sports sponsorship deals - Team Sky is being rebranded to Team...
  15. Sean Longstaff

    I suppose you are asking how he would fit in our system? With what little evidence we have, it is hard for me to say. He seems okay as a holding midfielder. Again, we don't know how much is actually him on the pitch, working teams out and restricting the likes of Silva finding space behind...