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  1. How are we SO bad?

    The difference that stands out for me: - We never shoot No matter where we are we just never take our chances. How have we become so inept with taking a shot?
  2. Ole Gunnar Solskjær | 2020/21 Discussion

    Ole is out of his depth. Our performances have been very mediocre. Give him till December then move him on. However I am pleased with the list management side of things. Perhaps he would be an ideal candidate for DoF.
  3. Where would you honestly rank our team?

    7-8th. We've been lucky to only manage a draw or a loss.
  4. What’s the difference between our honeymoon period and now?

    I often wonder if that game was as result of McKenna & Carrick versus Ole's input. Perhaps they had a bigger impact then what Ole is having?
  5. How much time is enough time to gauge Ole?

    We've been through Moyes, LVG, Mou & now Ole. If things don't improve then I'm not so sure it's the Manager... Ole needs to continue clearing the trash from the squad however something just isn't right in the background. Either the players are still too arrogant to take up his teachings or he...
  6. Post match vs FC Astana

    Frustrating more than boring. The intent was there. You could see the players had clear direction, but they just couldn't put it all together. Is it just me or does Rashford seriously have an attitude problem? Kid needs a reality check. Our forward structure is too disjointed. At some stages...
  7. Post match vs Leicester City

    A win but by God...there is honestly barely any improvement from previous years. Boring going forward with the same tactics of just utilising the left. We've been doing this same attack for years and our opponents know this (poor Dan James}. Our counter attack play is embarrassing. We are...
  8. The Deadwoods Assassinated by Babyface

    Ole is on the right path and has the correct vision for United. I'm liking it regardless of our current form. So how the f**k does Ole see it and the other three couldnt?!
  9. When Martial returns...

    All of the above. Can we try Grenwood as a 10? Has the mobility and vision for it
  10. Post match vs Southampton

    When was the last time United had a "good" & "reliable" striker come through the academy? Rashford is the reason we lost yesterday. He should have buried those crosses. His positioning and timing is all off. Pogba wasn't interested for some reason, but hey he's the best in the world according...
  11. Ole Gunnar Solskjær | 2020/21 Discussion

    Ole just needs to try more tweaks and I know it will pay off. - Get the subs in early - Try players in different positions like James on the left if nothing is happening for 70 minutes. So far so good I say
  12. Jesse Lingard will have an excellent season | Discuss in his player performance thread

    Lingard reminds me of that kid in school who was always good at every sport but never the best at any one sport. He can play different positions but not suited to any of them.
  13. Post match vs Wolverhampton Wanderers

    Lingard shows no value. Pogba still thinks he has the Midas touch. Rashford looks upset? Should of won it.
  14. Sean Longstaff

    Fake news strikes again!
  15. Sean Longstaff

    So that's it then, Sean's Longstaff not coming to United?