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  1. Ligue 1 | French Football 2021/22

    PSG are a carbon copy of United this season. Going forward they need individual brilliance and then they have no cohesion when they lose the ball. The number of times Lens had like 4 on 3 after just 2 passes was ridiculous
  2. Ligue 1 | French Football 2021/22

    Mbappe is different class
  3. NBA 2021-2022

    I like that the Warriors are so good again that the haters are back out in force. I had started believing that just like United the good days were over for the Dubs
  4. NBA 2021-2022

    God this conversation is nauseating
  5. NBA 2021-2022

    Interesting that both these teams are 7 games ahead of the 4th placed team already. That’s a huge gap over what is basically 1/4th of the season. In the east for example 5 games would cover the top 10
  6. Mikel Arteta | Carrick > Lego Pep

    I just watched his post match interview and like you said he seems so flat always. You couldn’t figure out if his team was good or bad based on his words or expressions
  7. Mikel Arteta | Carrick > Lego Pep

    I don't know what to feel about this but Arteta celebrating the goal was genuinely weird
  8. Martin Atkinson

    How do you know that he tried to cheat . De gea has never really done this . It's freezing out there so even minor injuries can hurt a lot
  9. Rafa Benitez | Everton Manager (Fachts)

    This hiring made no sense at all in the first place. What a ridiculously stupid decision
  10. NFL 2021

    He is perfectly fine for the Eagles right now. I would just wait a while before making long term financial bets on him
  11. NFL 2021

    While that is correct what is also correct is that Hurts has always been a bit dodgy with his throwing This is a great breakdown of the last play of that game . A lot of things go wrong for the Eagles on that play but in between Hurts has that slight window of opportunity to make the throw to...
  12. NBA 2021-2022

    Agree about Bridges. He kind of is proving that he short-changed himself with that deal he took.
  13. NBA 2021-2022

    That was an insane defensive performance by the Suns but Steph still missed some open shots which won't happen everyday. Big win for the Suns without Booker
  14. NBA 2021-2022

    Man you really are so funny. So before the game you were complaining about people making projections after 20 games while after it you are giving your own hot takes after 1.
  15. NBA 2021-2022

    Yeah I am sure a loss on the road to one of the best teams in the league will be enough to calm down that talk