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  1. NBA 2020-2021

    Bazemore is an idiot in general but he really just made a joke and not sure why it was taken so seriously
  2. NBA 2020-2021

    Unless something crazy happens in the next couple of games we will have the last game of the season between Memphis & Dubs as an early play in game with the loser finishing 9th. So so annoying that it came to this considering how many games this team has basically thrown with absolutely...
  3. NFL 2021

    Pretty sure that he got a lot of guaranteed money on signing the contract
  4. Rugby League 2021

    How insanely good is this Panthers team in the NRL . They have won like 24 out of their last 25 games
  5. Champions league Semi Finals 2020-21 - April 27-28 and May 4-5

    Chelsea classic example of why give the managers time is such a bad excuse . If you can see that it's not working then there's always the next best thing available
  6. Champions league Semi Finals 2020-21 - April 27-28 and May 4-5

    I can't remember watching a Real Madrid team and not having the feeling that I would love this guy at United . Such a flat team . Over the two legs they could have lost by 5-6
  7. Man Utd updated schedule - 4 games in 8 days | Roma, Villa, Leicester, Liverpool

    This is beyond a joke really. Ole is going to be fuming
  8. Redcafe Snooker

    That's a devastating way to lose for Murphy tbh
  9. Redcafe Snooker

    That's such a bad shot under the circumstances. Selby was so tight and Murphy has gifted this to him
  10. Redcafe Snooker

    Been so so impressed by Murphy in this final
  11. Redcafe Snooker

    I struggle to see when someone who is not already a world champion will next win the title. Wilson is probably the only one who is close but even he has a lot of flaws which kind of show up against the best. This format means that you really have to be a top top player to have a sniff
  12. Redcafe Snooker

    The funny bit is that I know that the Qualifiers are played at a different venue but if you watched that this year you would have been stunned with the type of balls that were being missed . These clothes are great no doubt but these blokes are pretty amazing too
  13. Redcafe Snooker

    What a weird argument. I think Ronnie is doing fine with his 6 titles & universal recognition as the best ever player
  14. Redcafe Snooker

    Murphy's wife is the one we need more of but she's at home
  15. Redcafe Snooker

    Drinking game - Have a drink every time Ken Doherty says delicate little cannon in commentary