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  1. Real Madrid’s £700-Million Stadium Redevelopment
  2. Music DJ Mixes (CAF members or otherwise)

    Cheers. Was always about that early evening, or early morning vibe.
  3. Gaming Pokémon Go (Android, iOS)

    Meh. Already have two shinies, the move isn't great, and its not either Stardust or Bonus XP. Not that fussed on this one. Just wish they'd get on with doing Deino, or even better Axew. Deino especially is way overdue.
  4. Gaming Pokémon Go (Android, iOS)

    Wait until you get into the 40's. It's 9,000,000 XP from 42 to 43...
  5. Post match vs AS Roma

    Personally thought Wan Bissaka and Shaw played ok too. The drop off at half time in our play was so noticeable it was untrue. What the f has happened to Williams. Looks a shadow of the lad that came into the team last year. Needs a year playing pro football somewhere week in. Telles was gash...
  6. AS Roma vs Manchester United

    Apart from James being injured and having not travelled, I think this is quite likely. I suspect we'll see either Pogba or Rashford instead
  7. Film Favorite movie opening scene

    Wall-e. 10 minutes before a single voice is heard and its absolutely beautiful
  8. Harry Kane | "I want to be winning the biggest prizes that there is to offer as a team and we are not quite doing that"

    If he's even slightly available then City will pay the earth to get him. They don't care about resale. They're perfectly capable of playing the wages. He fits perfectly how city want to play the game. He couldn't be any more perfect for them. Plus they pretty much guarantee trophies. I think it...
  9. The vaccines | vaccine rollout underway - US back plan to suspend patents

    Turns out having a minor stomach bug and then three days later having the vaccine isn't a great combination. Now have full on gastroenteritis since Friday night. Feeling pretty rough. Still glad to have had the vaccine in an odd way
  10. NFL 2021

    Just looks like sky... or you can get the nfl pass and watch it on that
  11. NFL 2021

    Agree. No way, in my opinion that one of the top 5 QB's slides past the Patriots at 15... and even then I can see the Patriots trading up to get one of those 5 along with Denver.
  12. U23's: Man City v Man United

    I seem to recall that the caveat to that is if the player has ever played a first team game prior to joining the club. So Amad, for example, can never be a youth team product, whereas Pogba is considered one.
  13. NFL 2021

    Bugger. Knew I'd miss someone. Thought I was getting down the list of WR's a bit quick!
  14. NFL 2021

    So does anyone want to have a go at a full round 1 mock draft? Trades allowed, and you're guessing to what you think the teams will do, not what you think they should do. Highest number of correct guesses of names "wins". Tie break on position correct if you've not got the name right. Mine would...
  15. The vaccines | vaccine rollout underway - US back plan to suspend patents

    Had my first AZ on Monday. Felt like crap yesterday, but fine today other than a little residual tiredness and a sore arm. I'll take that for 70% ish protection from Covid. Can't wait for the second jab.