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  1. NFL 2022

    Thank god for that. It would be a crying shame to lose her from our screens... albeit I never watch Thursday night football ☹️
  2. NFL 2022

    Kay Adams leaving GMB. Gutted...
  3. NFL 2022

    Don't think the Commanders take a WR. I reckon, if he falls to them, that they're more likely to take Hamilton. Of course if he's off the board at 11, then all bets are off.
  4. Name ETH's first starting 11 competition

    DDG Dalot Varane Maguire Shaw De Jong McTom Sancho Fernandes Rashford Ronaldo Cap: Maguire 1st Sub: McTom
  5. NFL 2022

    Know what you mean since the Raiders dont pick till the middle of the 3rd. Might be worth it to see how the Jets and Giants manage to stuff it up again...
  6. NFL 2022

    I can't see Packers going double WR when they've not picked a 1st round WR for donkeys years. I reckon they'll pick up one (I have it as Olave) with the 22nd pick they got from us (Raiders) and then go OT for their second pick. Could be very wrong of course. Not sure anyone will pay the price...
  7. NFL 2022

    So does anyone want to have a go at guessing the first round this week. Here's my attempt, miles out thought it will no doubt be cos I've not put any trades in. 1. Jacksonville Jaguars - Aidan Hutchinson 2. Detroit Lions -Travon Walker 3. Houston Texans - Evan Neal...
  8. NFL 2022

    Unfortunately this is very true
  9. NFL 2022

    I'm not shocked. Young, mostly black men, with wealth and the trappings that come with that. They are guaranteed targets in America from all sides... police, criminals, idiots wanting to prove that they're hard. That goes before the CTE issues that definitely affect the players. In some ways it...
  10. NFL 2022

    He is joking right? If not long-term concussion issues have definitely got him bad
  11. Miscellaneous Reserve/Youth News

    U18s playing Sunderland live on MUTV currently
  12. NFL 2022

    Don't worry, we have an almost completely porous offensive line currently minus left tackle, so Carr won't be able to hold on to the ball long enough for Adams to make a difference. There's a reason why Renfrow caught over 100 passes last year
  13. NFL 2022

    Holy feck, just woke up to the news! Adams to the Raiders is bloody amazing! Now we just need a competent o-line and we're stacked. AFC West gonna be good!
  14. NFL 2022

    Yeah I spent most of last year hoping that...
  15. NFL 2022

    I'm with you in that I expected us to go out and be in the mix, for Jackson at the very least. I still hold out hope at WR with Allen Robinson, but OL is a shit show. My guess is that they're going the Patriot Way of not really building through free agency, but through the draft and hope that we...