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  1. Man City are definitely winning the League this year

    You just Juju'd it. Well done.
  2. Which ESL club will hurt the most coming out of this?

    Real and Barca. They simply can't compete financially anymore (I'm sure they'll find a way eventually).
  3. New champions league format

    Well It is the Champions League...if City always finish top 2 then fair play to them. Besides there's the EL and winning the FA cup.
  4. New champions league format

    How is it closed shop? That would require the same 2 teams to finish top the PL every year. This would give us 3 great tournaments to watch. The EL would be actually worth something.
  5. New champions league format

    Should be: 1-2 play CL 2-4 play EL Bring back the cup winners cup Have a 3 team summer tournament for the super cup.
  6. Will you still support the club?

    Well yes, I will.
  7. Has the reputation of Man Utd been damaged forever?

    Nope, we'll still be the most watched team in the world. The owners on the other hand...I expect a huge backlash even next season.
  8. Who replaces Woodward?

    I'm hoping for VDS, probably won't happen though. The real change is when the Glazers feck off.
  9. Ed Woodward has resigned from Manchester United

    If they're selling I'll take it.
  10. Premier League All Star team vs Europe All Star team

    ----------------------Neuer------------------------- Carvajal-Ramos-Marquinhos-Davies -------------------Casimero---------------------- ---------Kimmich----------Messi------------- Mbappe--------Ronaldo----------Neymar Manager: Zizou ---------------------Ederson---------------------...
  11. Manchester United vs Granada

    DDG AWB-VNL-Tuanzebe-Telles ----------Pogba-Matic---------- Diallo--------VDB---------James -------------Greenwood---------- This is what I'm hoping for at least. Bruno and Rashford on the bench in case we need them but I genuinely think this team will be good enough to see us through the tie...
  12. Luke Shaw | 2020/21 Performances

    Brilliant footballer. It's crazy what confidence does to a player, he's suddenly playing Scholes-esque passes :lol: I hope Southgate plays Chilwell at the Euros so Shaw can be fresh for next season.
  13. Cavani's diving header

    That 2nd goal was sexual from start to finish.
  14. Declan Rice

    I think they would. Especially if Rice asks for the move. That's a deal worth £80m easy.