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  1. MLB 2020

  2. MLB 2020

    Let us start the new year off with a bang. Jeff Luhnow and AJ Hinch of the Astros and Alex Cora, manager of the Red Sox, were all fired because of the sign-stealing investigation.
  3. Manchester United vs Everton

    Again, not on my friend's telly. I shall be forced to rely on this thread. Try to be informative.
  4. Manchester United vs AZ Alkmaar

    This is only on the Spanish channel in my area. I'll have to depend on you lot to keep my informed. (Sigh)
  5. Welcome to the new XenForo 2 site

    The disappearance of the little dot before the thread title is driving me crazy. How do I know what posts are new? I hate change.
  6. Sheffield United vs Manchester United

    This game is a disgrace.
  7. Manchester United vs Liverpool

    Such a punchable face.
  8. Golf 2019

    We have seen some fantastic golf in the past few days.
  9. Tennis 2019

    A match for the ages.
  10. Tennis 2019

    Andy Murray and Lopez just won their doubles match.
  11. Endurance Racing 2019

    Toyota won. Sassy should be happy.
  12. Endurance Racing 2019

    And for the American viewers: Full race telecast on the Motor Trend TV (rebranded from Velocity) channel from 8 AM Saturday-9:30 AM Sunday Eastern. This will be the last Le Mans appearance for the factory Ford and BMW programs, and Corvette C7.R. End of a great era for pro GT racing here for...
  13. Arsenal vs Manchester United

    @DomesticTadpole I appreciate your posting the Ole comments.
  14. RAWK Goes Into Meltdown 20-18/19 Edition

    Sounds like he is describing a race track and two thoroughbreds.