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  1. Spurs 2022-2023 thread

    He's staying at Udinese for another year, long term purchase for after Perisic.
  2. Dental Crisis

    Why is your dentist tattooing your nuts?
  3. Christian Eriksen | 2022/23 Performances

    I think its a bit misleading to talk about how much more controlling you were in the 2nd half when he dropped deeper because Brighton clearly changed tactics to sit back and hit on the counter. Also agree on the comments that he's not amazing playing out under pressure, even at Spurs it was...
  4. United have no scouts.....The myth the CAF likes to peddle.

    Only recommending 4 players over several years is quite poor tbf.
  5. Odds or Evens | FPL style game

    Son Nunez Jesus Mitrovic Wilson Sterling De Bruyne Vardy This doesn't seem like a very well thought out game tbh unless im missing something, maybe if you couldn't use the same number twice it would be more interesting?
  6. Diogo Dalot | 2022/23 Performances

    I really can't believe you haven't gone big for a Right Back this season, this guy is Fabio level. Even someone like Kyle Walker Peters would be a big upgrade imo.
  7. Trent can’t defend

    According to this regression line he wins the same amount of aeriel duels as you would expect of someone who is 1.5m tall (midget).
  8. Darwin Núñez | Liverpool player | Scorer of quadruple | better than Haaland

    He plays at a much higher intensity than Lukaku, its not just pressing out of possession but also the off the ball runs, the determination to win duels etc. Don't know why so many ignore the obvious Cavani comparison.
  9. Pedro Porro - Sporting CP

    They bought him at 19 and he's literally never kicked a ball for the club. Not at all comparable to the ones you mentioned.
  10. Frenkie DeJong | Orny: Barcelona say FDJs contract from previous board has ‘criminality’ and want him to sign new contract, threats of court cases

    If it takes the total package (Transfer fee + bonuses + wages etc) from say 200m to 217m is it really that outrageous? Plus then theres the report that Barca have knocked 5m off the asking price, and possible that Frenkie might accept less than 17m (especially if Chelsea is a preferred...
  11. Frenkie DeJong | Orny: Barcelona say FDJs contract from previous board has ‘criminality’ and want him to sign new contract, threats of court cases

    They could just pay him the 17m if they were really keen to get the deal done?
  12. Community Shield 2022: Liverpool v Manchester City 5pm BST 30 July

    Booing the national anthem then in to a feck the Tories chant. Got to love Liverpool fans :lol:
  13. Brighton and Hove Albion. 22-23 will be a season to remember!

    It feels quite nailed on to me, I don't think Brighton are the type of club to stand in his way if they get a fair bid? 50-60m? City have plenty of funds after Zinchenko, Sterling, Jesus and Torres sales this year. They also surely cant go in to the new season with Ake as 2nd choice left back...